Its Fall and I Have 4 Tips for Cleaning Your Gutters

4 tips for cleaning your gutters

Its Fall and I Have 4 Tips for Cleaning Your Gutters

Maintaining your gutters can be a hassle but it’s a crucial part of maintaining your roof.  Your gutters need to be cleaned with every change in season, especially spring and fall.  Your goal while cleaning your gutters is to remove any debris like leaves, dirt and sticks and keep the downspouts clean.  If your downspouts are plugged then your roof is at risk of flooding and leak can occur.  In a worst-case scenario, water overflowing from your gutters can cause issues with your homes siding, crawlspaces, the foundation, and even your basement

Fortunately, a little bit of maintenance will help you avoid all of these problems.  Here are some tips and tricks for you to follow when cleaning your gutters.

Assemble your toolkit before starting

Cleaning your gutters becomes infinitely easier when you use the right tools.  Take the time beforehand to gather all the tools you’ll need to safely clean your gutters.  If possible you should have two ladders, one to stand on and the other to hold your tools.  You should also have some gloves to protect your hands and a few buckets to catch the debris from your gutters.  It’s also a good idea to have a hose on hand to spray out the debris.

Start with the large pieces of debris

Clearing out the large items will make it easier to clean the rest of your gutters.  More often than not, large items are the reason for clogs in your gutters.  Things like tennis balls; Frisbees or even bird’s nests can clog your gutters.  If you can’t remove the big items in your gutter by hand, then you may need to buy a plumber’s snake.  A plumber’s snake is a tool that you run along the length of your gutter to knock debris out.  In the worst-case scenario, if you still can’t remove the large debris, you’ll have to disassemble the downspout in order to reach the item.  You may need to contact roofing contractor Ottawa to do this for you.

Your hose is your best tool

A hose can serve many purposes when cleaning your gutters.  Spraying your hose can alert you to where blockages are or if you have a leak.  If you spray water after removing the large pieces of debris and you notice it isn’t draining then you probably have a clog somewhere in the downspout.

Follow these three tips in order to safely clean your gutters.  Cleaning your gutters protects your investment in your home. Clean gutters have a positive effect on your windows, doors, siding, your home’s foundation and of course your roof.  These tips will help you stay safe while cleaning out your gutters.

Power Washing vs Soft Washing
There is a difference in pressure washing and soft washing;

Pressure washing is blasting a sidewalk or driveway.

Softwashing uses a much lower pressure for the task at hand.

While researching cleaning companies, you may come across services advertised as power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing. If you don’t know these differences between these terms, then don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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