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Hot Tips from Fine Jewelry Manufacturers on Taking Care of Your Jewelry

To keep your jewelry looking as great as when you had bought them, you need to take special care even if they are of the best quality. Whether you own fine jewelry with precious metals and gemstones or an extensive wardrobe of costume jewelry, it is important to know how to take proper care of them so that you can enjoy wearing them for many years. Some essential tips:

Know When Not to Wear Your Jewelry

Irrespective of whether you have the finest jewelry crafted from precious metals or stones or costume jewelry to match your mood and the current fashion trends, by definition jewelry tends to be extremely delicate. It thus becomes very important to take them off before plunging into a swimming pool full of chlorinated water or when performing manual work involving abrasive and harsh chemicals such as gardening or home cleaning. It is also extremely sensible to remove all your jewelry before playing any sports or games, especially when they involve bodily contact.

Wear Your Jewelry the Last

It can be very tempting to preen before the mirror having put on your jewelry even before your do your makeup. However, in order to prevent your jewelry items from getting damaged by the chemicals in makeup and perfumes, it is better to finish combing your hair and applying all the makeup beforehand.Makeup and perfumes have a very corrosive effect that does not spare even the costliest of jewelry bought from fine jewelry manufacturers.  Hot Tips from Fine Jewelry Manufacturers on Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Avoid Applying Lotion If You Intend Wearing Jewelry

It is normal practice for many people to apply hand and body lotions to keep their skins moisturized, however, if your jewelry comes into regular contact with the lotion it can lead to the loss of the finish on the surface. While there will be nothing discernible over the short-term, you can be sure that with repeated exposure the looks of your jewelry will get spoiled. Also, you will find yourself needing to undertake cleaning more frequently to remove the lotion buildup on the pieces. To avoid this, it is a better practice to only apply lotions after you have removed the jewelry, such as, just before going off to sleep at night.

Ensure All the Jewelry Pieces Are Stored Separately

Most people tend to be careful about their jewelry only when they are wearing them but are usually careless about storing them. It is important to appreciate that it is possible for your jewelry to sustain damage when kept in storage if the different pieces get tangled with each other or knock against each other. The softer materials such as pearls, plastic, wood, certain gemstones and precious metals like gold and silver are especially at risk. Taking a little bit of care to ensure that the pieces are separate from each other will go a long way to prevent dings and scratches. It is best to keep the jewelry in the boxes they came in as they usually have soft cushioning and supporting contours.

Make a Jewelry Case Part of Your Travel Kit

While it is important to keep the jewelry properly stored at home, it is all the more vital during travel as tossing in all the pieces directly into the suitcase or into a pouch or toiletry bag is sure to result in a lot of damage. It is best to invest in a jewelry case specially designed to keep jewelry pieces tangle-free and safe during travel.


Remember the aforementioned tips to take care of your precious jewelry items. Your investment in valuable metals and gemstones will retain their value for generations if you maintain them regularly.

Author bio: Mandy Bular is an upcoming jewelry designer who has received a lot of acclaim for her range of fashion jewelry. Juliana currently retails her creations from several fine jewelry manufacturers stores.


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