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Top Most Popular Spectator Sports in Australia

Aussies are often termed as sports fanatics and for once, the blame game is true. There are two types of people in Australia, athletes and those who love to watch athletes. The affection this country holds for sports makes for interesting events and anticipation throughout the year. Be it the Rugby season, footy season, thoroughbred horse racing or cricket, the majority of Australians will be found in the stadium or in front of their T.V sets, shouting, encouraging and simply having good old time supporting their favourite team.

Naturally, watching sports and having extensive knowledge of it leads people to place bets, risk cash and make the sporting event even more exciting and serious. Let’s discover some of the most popular spectator sports in Australia:

Australian Rules

Australian Rules is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and even more so in Australia. This is a football league series known by many names including AFL and footy and draws millions of Australian into the stadiums every year.

Another thing that makes Australian football such a fascinating event is their admission of women’s team on the professional level.

Horse Racing: Horse Racing

“We can do well in sport. Being a smaller country, we can take on the world in sport and succeed, and succeed beyond sometimes our wildest expectations.”–Clive Allock (Australian Psychiatrist and Horseracing aficionado)

Horse racing is the third most popular spectator sport in Australia and has been on the scene since a long time.  Horseracing is more than a sport actually, it is an event where people place bets and the amount has been known to rise up to billions. If you don’t know what we mean, check out the current races on bluebet.com.au and begin steadily by placing bets yourself. If you are good at it, you can even take part in the Melbourne Cup–Australia’s most prestigious Annual event in the honour of which, a public holiday is celebrated.

Rugby:  Rugby In Australia

Another full contact sports the Australians love, The National Rugby Team holds leagues against 16 teams and attracts humongous crowds in the stadium and in front of the T.V screens.

Motor racing

This popular sport might not involve men and horses, but it does include wheels and speed, enough to give an adrenaline rush to the athletes and the spectators. There are road races, drag races and speedway races and millions turn up with their fancy hats, props and support for the daring racers.

Cricket: Cricket Game in Australia

Out of all the other sports Australians love, this one might be the most tamed one. The love and craze however, remains the same. From long-hours of test matches to the nerve-wrecking one-day tournaments, this game is thrilling for the spectators and pulls in crowds and sports lovers into the stadium. The love of cricket games starts as early as one’s school days, and ends up discovering some of the best Australian Cricketers.

When we say Australians, we mean all Australians and not just the old retired blokes who have nothing better to do. People of all ages and genders will be found invested in the sports events, be it a horse race, motor race, cricket game or the classic Australian footy league.


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