Quality Clothing For The Medical Profession

A pristine white lab coat is a requirement for many jobs, especially in the science and medical fields. Since this clothing item is an important symbol demonstrating the position for many working individuals, it’s imperative that it looks good while also feeling good. If you are having trouble keeping your lab coat clean while also ensuring it stays comfortable, here are some helpful tips.

Choosing a Quality Lab CoatChoosing A Quality Lab Coat

The first tip starts all the way back at the purchase. Purchasing a cheap lab coat usually means you’ll get a product made of frustrating material. Cheap material can cause a lab coat to be really uncomfortable, and it can also make it incredibly hard to clean. When looking to buy a lab coat, looking for something that is high quality, such as Dickies lab coats. Although it might cost more upfront, you’ll save in the long run on expensive cleaning options, and it will definitely last longer. Reputable online stores such as Scrubs Unlimited are a good choice to finding high-quality lab coats.

Treating Stains

When you work in science or medicine, stains are inevitable. When you get a stain on your lab coat, especially if it is a substance like blood or iodine, you should treat it immediately. An enzyme based stain remover is the best option, but regular liquid detergent can also be applied to the area. Work the stain remover into the stain and let it sit according to the directions. Typically, stain remover should sit for at least 15 minutes. Since stains should be treated as soon as possible, it’s a good idea to have a few lab coats available.

Washing Your Lab Coat

Washing your lab coat regularly will keep it clean and stain-free. To help preserve the white color, wash your lab coat with high-quality brightening detergents. Heavy duty detergents should be used if your lab coat has a stain that needs to be removed. Wash your lab coats separately, especially from any colored clothing. The highest temperature available on your washing machine should be used in order to get out tough stains and remove as much debris as possible.

Lab coats might seem tough to keep clean, but with these tips you can always ensure you are looking your best at work. Remember to have a few lab coats in your rotation and you’ll always be prepared for any mess that might occur.


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