3 Ways To Choose Unique Fragrances When Buying -The Power Of Smell

If women had to choose between looking good or smelling good, many would understandably choose smelling good. It’s one thing to look beautiful, but smell horrible. No one wants to walk around with smelly body odor. In addition to taking care of personal hygiene, an excellent way to ensure the body smells wonderful is through the use of perfumes. Perfumes really up the ante and merge with a woman’s natural body chemistry to create a scent that lasts throughout the day. Even as the body begins to sweat, the sweat has the power to strengthen the smell of the perfume so a woman doesn’t have to smell horrible as the day progresses. If you’re new to the concept of wearing perfume and would like to learn how to incorporate it into your beauty routine, try these different ideas.  CLassic Perfume Fragrances Online

1. Go to a beauty counter.
One of the first things to do involves visiting a beauty counter and trying out the different fragrances they have available. At the beauty counters, the sales personnel usually keep coffee grinds to help neutralize the nostrils in between trying scents. You can either use the scent strips they provide next to the perfumes. Or you can spray the scents directly to your arm. Start by spraying the perfumes on the strips. Narrow the perfumes down to two scents. Take those two scents and place on each arm. Leave the store and smell both arms as the day progresses. As the day continues, you’ll see which perfume smells the best on your arm. You don’t have to go back to the beauty counter to purchase the perfume either. Take advantage of the internet and find the best place to buy fragrances online. Classy Fragrances is a great option. Perfumes At The Beauty Counter
<a href=””> Read More…2. Spray on pulse points.
There are a few key places that most women spray their perfume. These areas are also known as pulse points. These spots include behind both ears, the insides of the wrists, the inside of the arm, the neck, the decolletage, in between the breasts, behind the knees, and in between the ankles. It’s best to spray on skin that is clean and moisturized. If you can purchase the body wash and the lotion in that same fragrance, the longer the scent will last on your body during the day. Perfumes At The Beauty Counter

3. Have separate fragrances for different times.
Some women have fragrances they wear all year round. However, many women separate their fragrances based on the season and occasion. Some women wear a certain perfume during the fall and winter months. Others wear a different perfume to work and wear another one to church. Some women love the feeling of wearing a specific perfume to bed that helps them wind down, luxuriate and feel relaxed. It’s all based on your preferences as perfume is truly a personal decision and scented expression of a woman’s beauty.

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