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Simple Gift Ideas Using Mason Jars and Gift Tags Messages

If you are giving homemade mixes as gifts this year I have some simple saying that can be used on “Gift Tags”. If you have others I would love to hear them. I will add them here and link back to your blog. It would be fun to see what you can come up with. Send me an email with your nutty sayings to, Subject: Gift Jar Sayings

* Soup or soup mix – Wishing you a “Souper” Holiday Season!!* Frozen or ready to bake pizza – “Warm up to a wonderful Holiday   Season Topped with Christmas cheer!”

* Apples and Hershey’s Hugs – A teacher can’t live by apples alone…She needs “Hugs” too!!
* Loaf of Bread – For being there when you were “Kneaded”, for “Rising” to the occasion, large or small. For never “Loafing” on the job, for helping others to “Heel” with TLC. No matter how you “Slice it”, you do a terrific job loving Others. Merry Christmas!!

* Wire Whisk (filled with chocolate kisses) – “We WHISK you a Merry KISSmas!!”

mixed-nuts-recipe-spicy-and-sweet Simple Gift Ideas and Gift Tag Message

* Nuts – “We’re nuts about you!” Merry Christmas!
* Nuts about Each Other
* Were Nuts About Awesome Teachers

* A jar filled with candy canes – Tag; “We pitcher you raising a little “cane” during the holidays!” Have a Merry Christmas!!
Some Misc Ideas

* Jar of Jelly – Jelly is like love – you can’t spread it around without getting some on yourself! Merry Christmas!!
* Bell – With each chime of this festive bell, may a Christmas wish come true. And bring you peace and happiness to last the whole year through! Merry Christmas!

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