Why It’s A Good Idea To Become Friends With Your Neighbor

Devoted, emotionally attached, relationships that are going somewhere are certainly not for everyone. Not everyone is in the place or mindset where they can commit themselves to another person. Maybe they just got through a messy divorce or are really busy with their career and simply don’t have the energy required for a real-life relationship. Even so, this doesn’t mean they can’t still have fun and enjoy themselves! Why it is good to be friends with neighbors

This is why friends with benefits relationships are becoming so popular. There are no strings attached and you get to enjoy the physical aspect of a relationship without all that messy drama and pressure that comes with being boyfriend and girlfriend.

There’s a lot of places where you might find a partner willing to be friends with benefits with you. These days, a lot of people turn to dating or hookup apps such as Fwbdr because they allow them to track down someone in close proximity to them that hopefully want the same things. While Fwbdr is a good place to start, you really want to be looking at someone who lives close by if you’re hoping to get the most out of the partnership. These are just a few reasons why making friends with benefits with a neighbor is the right way to go.

They’re always close by!

No one wants to drive an hour for a booty call, especially not late at night. That’s why it is so ideal to make friends with benefits with the cute guy across the hall from you in your college dorm or that man that lives in the apartment adjacent to you. Neither one of you has to walk too far if you’re in the mood and it is especially convenient for all parties involved.

Unlike with someone who lives further away, you don’t have to figure out plans to meet up days in advance. Not to mention that there won’t be an argument about who’s turn it is to make the drive over for a hookup. All it takes is shooting one another a quick text and you’ll be on your way.

You’ll always have someone to dial up for a quick favor

No, friends with benefits are not really who you turn to if you need help moving into your new apartment or changing your flat tire. Nor are they really the person you dial up for a heart to heart chat about your private life. That’s what you call a boyfriend for!

However, if you’re friends with benefits with a neighbor and need a little favor every now and again, they may be more likely to oblige, especially if it only requires a quick walk. For example, imagine you need help carrying the groceries in. Maybe you need someone to stop by to walk your dog or water your plants while you’re away for a few days. Who would be the perfect person to ask? Probably your friends with benefits neighbor that lives only a short walk away.

You have someone to call when loneliness hits

Everyone has those nights when plans fall through or they just don’t feel like being alone. Maybe you’re just looking for some companionship and casual conversation. It’s in times like these that you’ll be particularly glad you became friends with benefits with your neighbor.

This is the perfect person to dial up if you want someone to split a pizza with or to accompany you while you watch your favorite show on a Saturday night. After all, you’re already comfortable and familiar with the other person and you both know what to expect from one of your meet-ups.

What to be cautious of while being friends with benefits with a neighbor

While making friends with benefits with a neighbor can be an ideal scenario for many people, there are a few ground rules to keep in mind before ever embarking on the first hookup. First and foremost, you need to be upfront and honest about what you want. Communication is key in this type of scenario so be sure to lay everything out on the table starting from day one. Make it crystal clear to your partner what you’re hoping to yield from being friends with benefits. Double check that they have the same expectations moving forward as you do, that way you’re avoiding hurt feelings and disappointment from both sides. Keeping these ground rules in mind, you’ll be sure to have fulfilling friend with benefits partnership!

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