Health Hiccups – 4 Ways To Get Back On Track If You’ve Dropped Your Fitness Goals

4-Tips-to-get-back-on-track-to-reach-your-fitness-goalsIt’s no secret that people are creatures of habit. This is why you shouldn’t beat yourself up about not being able to stick to a new fitness routine 100% of the time. It takes time to establish new habits and transform your lifestyle, but with a bit of patience, you will get there. Here are five ways you can get back on track after a slump in your fitness regimen.

1. Team Up With A Trainer

Becoming a morning person who visits the gym before sunrise is not easy to achieve overnight. If you’re a newly initiated gym-goer or have spent years waking up just in time to make it work, your new healthy habit can be especially difficult. As crazy as it sounds, you’re basically making yourself relearn how to live. 

Joining a personal training gym is one of the best ways to inspire this massive change (and make it stick). Your personal trainer will be waiting for you to start your session, giving you that vital sense of accountability before you’ve even stepped foot in the gym. Having a professional trainer is invaluable in terms of guidance and motivation to stick to your goals. Surprisingly, this takes a lot of pressure off you. 

2. Start A Group Fitness Initiative At Work  

Similar to having a personal trainer who holds you accountable to your gym sessions, organizing a scheduled fitness-based activity with your workmates can help you keep up with your routine. This is because others will be expecting you to make an appearance, and you don’t want to break your commitments in a professional setting like your workplace. 

Your group initiative could be anything from a 30-minute fitness class at a nearby gym to having a yoga teacher visit your workplace on the busiest day of the week. You could even organize a team to take part in a walk, fun run, marathon, or obstacle challenge and raise money for charity. All these initiatives will help improve morale and employee health as well, so don’t be afraid to bring this up with your seniors. 

3. Walk Or Ride To Work

This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re based a reasonable distance from work, consider leaving your car at home one day a week so you can walk or ride a bike to work. Increasing the amount of incidental exercise you get each day can be a great way to start leading a healthier lifestyle without too much hassle. 

Over time, you can increase this to a few days per week, and who knows, maybe you’ll end up becoming a daily cyclist? In addition to getting more exercise into your day, you are also reducing your carbon footprint and saving money on gas. 

4. Track Your Progress

No matter what your starting point was, you are probably not going to experience major visible changes for a while, but you can still monitor your progress. This doesn’t just mean a weekly weigh-in either. Consider tracking other health measures, like your heart rate during certain activities, your daily steps, and advancements made in your training. 

Keeping a diary will allow you to record all these numbers as well as other important health measures like your food intake and how you’re feeling overall. When it comes to your fitness journey, remember that even the smallest step forward is still progress. 

It’s not going to be easy, but by keeping an open mind, remaining patient, and following through on the above points, you will be able to achieve your fitness goals.

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