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Summer is coming, and you haven’t even started dieting yet!

What are you waiting for?! You have no excuse to keep putting it off, especially if you are under 30. Still, dieting is one of those things that people put off indefinitely. It’s probably because most people do not know what a diet actually is, or how it can really effect your body. weight loss challenge

We are constantly bombarded with images of what is supposed to be “beautiful” and “hot.” We know it’s Photoshop, but we still fall for it. You can’t help being affected. This is especially true for women, but it’s starting to happen to men too, more and more often.

Losing weight is not that hard in itself. The real challenge is keeping it off. We know this, perhaps subconsciously, and this is why we put dieting off. Without a doubt, yo-yo diets are very unhealthy – eventually, your skin starts sagging, you can develop an ulcer if you are eating wrong or not eating enough, and all kinds of issues can arise. Building a healthier body is complex, and dieting is just part of that.

So, without further ado, here are our top tips on how to become healthier. This will reflect itself in your appearance – in other words, leading a healthier lifestyle will bring weight loss with it automatically. You don’t have to make an effort to specifically lose weight.


We’ve all really heard a lot about the importance of staying hydrated. You’ve heard how good water is for the skin – if you drink 6 glasses of water a day, you will have silky smooth blemish free skin…but this doesn’t change the fact that I know plenty of people who drink lots of water and have acne and other skin problems and many who would never exchange coffee and/or alcohol for water and their skin looks great. And if I tell you to start drinking water instead of coffee in the morning and instead of beer or wine in the evening, you’ll probably react like if I said the world is flat and I can prove it. In truth, you need to drink about a liter of water a day, which is roughly three glasses. You do not need to replace your morning coffee with water. Not that you would. Research suggests drinking 6 or more glasses of water a day can actually be bad for you. The kidneys start struggling with processing that much liquid after a certain period of time.

The truth about carbs

We’ve all heard that a real diet must almost always exclude carbs. If you are eating bread, rice, and potatoes, then you aren’t really dieting at all. Right? No. There is nothing wrong with eating bread unless it’s on either side of a huge, greasy meat patty with lots of ketchup, mayo, and mustard as well as Ranch dressing, 1000 Island, etc. There is nothing wrong with eating rice and potatoes unless they are fried. You can’t exclude them because your brain needs carbs to function! 

You’re probably surprised by what you’ve read if you’ve made it this far. There is lots more where this came from at Jade’s diet blog.

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