Heating Choice an Ethanol or Electric Fireplace

The Ethanol Fireplace Or The Electric Fireplace – Which One Is Right For You?

Ethanol and electric fireplaces are both great alternatives to traditional wood and gas options. Neither electric nor ethanol fireplaces require a flue or vent making them a great alternative choice. This means that either option can work well within the home. That being said, at times it can be hard to know which model is right for your needs. That is why I am going to make a comparison of these two fireplace options and give you a helping hand in making a good choice.

To keep things clear and concise I will walk you through the good and the bad of each option.

The Ethanol Fireplace Option

Just in case you are not yet aware of how ethanol fireplaces work, allow me to give you a quick rundown of the basics. Ethanol fireplaces do not need a flue or vent as the fuel used is bioethanol. These fireplaces provide a considerable amount of heat and instantly create a cozy atmosphere in the room.ethanol fireplace-3

The Advantages Of Ethanol Fireplaces

– They create a real flame

– No dangerous particles or fumes are given off

– No soot or ash is created as they are ventless

– They do not require electricity

– A considerable amount of heat is produced

The main advantages of the ethanol fireplace are the real flame and the heat provided.


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The Disadvantages Of Ethanol Fireplaces

– They consume a little oxygen

– Heat is always produced when burning

The disadvantages are simple to understand; you cannot have real flames without the heat. If you don’t need the extra heat you can simply open a window or have a fan installed.

The Electric Fireplace Option

Pretty much everyone knows that an electric fireplace is one that is plugged in. The built-in fan can be turned on to create heat and the electric system creates the effect of a flame. Additionally, they can be very competitive – especially if you regularly utilize a site for energy comparison to get a good deal on your fuel.

The Advantages Of Electric Fireplaces

– They are inexpensive to use

– Installation is easy

– Heat settings are adjustable and can be operated without heat

– No smoke or soot is created as the fireplace is ventless

– No need for fuel or a lighter

– No danger exists from a real flame

The main takeaway for the advantages is the ease of use and safety. As you can see above and with these fireplaces from Wall Fireplace Pros, the risks are low and the fireplace is easy to switch on and off with no real flames present. 

The Disadvantages Of Electric Fireplaces

– Electricity is needed

– Cannot create a true real flame effect

The main disadvantage is the lack of a real flame. Many people give up on the electric fire in the end since they feel the ‘fake’ flame effect is not good enough. It is recommended to check out an electric fire first before buying one to be sure you like the flame effect produced.

In Summary

For me, the ethanol fireplaces have always been my thing – if I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t sell them. However, that may make me a little bias in helping you make your decision. I hope that I have provided you with enough information to make your own mind up. Allow me to briefly highlight the differences.

If you aren’t too bothered whether you have a real flame or not and would like to buy something inexpensive, the electric fireplace may be right for you. They tend to be cheaper than good quality (safe) ethanol fireplaces. In my opinion, they work as a good alternative to a fireplace DVD.

On the other hand, an ethanol fireplace is great if you want to have a real flame and real heat. I feel that electric fireplaces feel very fake, whereas an ethanol fireplace actually lets you enjoy the real deal.
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