Herbalife Nutrition Changing The Lifestyle Of An Entire Town In Ohio

Herbalife has been around for 39 years, being established by Mark Hughes in February of 1980. Hughes started selling weight management products by himself, the first product being a protein shake which was designed to help people manage their weight. By the year 1985, the company was labeled by the Inc. publication as the fastest-growing private company in the country, after its sales increased from $386,000 to $423 million in the span of 5 years. By 1996, the company was reaching 32 countries and had international sales account for more than half of the company’s total sales.

Herbalife has a simple goal of changing nutrition into something that is more accessible, as well as an achievable way of living. The company currently reaches more than 90 different countries through its distributors and has 8,000 employees worldwide. The company’s distributors also offer one-on-one support, as well as personalized help designed to cater to various lifestyles – from people who want to lose weight to athletes.

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Besides focusing on selling nutritional supplements, Herbalife distributors also focus on giving back to the community. Coshocton, a small town in northeast Ohio has been going through a recent transformation after the company’s distributor and local resident Rochelle Byers and her husband Dave worked with the community in order to restore a healthy lifestyle to the small town.

A study conducted by the Fair Labor Association shows that more than half of factory workers in Coshocton work 60 hours every week or more. Over time, factory labor can take a toll on one’s body as it can be physically taxing. The small community has been tied to working in factories for decades and tied with the fact that there was a consistent lack of good nutrition, Coshocton was in need of a change.

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Dave and Rochelle Byers managed to find a solution to the issues that were plaguing the small town, by simply offering free samples of Herbalife Nutrition products and providing fitness classes at no charge. According to Rochelle Byers, the goal was to build a relationship with the customers by helping them find the thing that would make them happy and trying to help them break through the barrier that is holding them back. Dave also talked about the initiative, noting that the two love their job due to the fact that they get the opportunity to help people change their life.

The two saw the problem of Coshocton as an opportunity to make a difference. The community club entitled Healthy’s opened by Dave focuses on a healthier lifestyle through a holistic approach. The club offers protein shakes, aloe, and teas in order to give the residents of Coshocton what they need for a nutritious snack or meal. Dave also pointed out that the nutrition products and the community health activities that they offer make it impossible for people to have an excuse not to join and live a healthier lifestyle. 

Besides the nutritious products and the physical activity, the community club shows attention to detail by designing personalized programs for each individual customer and providing support. The Byers couple is aware of the fact that the residents of Coshocton are at different stages when it comes to their journey. What is different about the products offered by the community club is that unlike regular nutrition plans which are specific to gaining muscle or losing weight, the activities and programs offered by Healthy’s aim to encourage the customers to achieve their personal goals. What this means is that people of any age are invited to participate and enjoy the support they need in order to achieve their goals.

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