The History of the Roman and Venetian Blind

The History of the Roman and Venetian Blind

Roman and Venetian Blind roman-blinds-2

Homeowners are always looking for ways to update their home’s style, yet it’s often the oldest styles that make the way back into modern fashion. The majority of homeowners tend to go for simple styles that give their room a neat and symmetrical feel, and that probably explains why Roman and Venetian blinds in Cape Town have stood the test of time.

The Roman blind features a drawstring that allows it to be partially open, fully open or closed, and the designs can range from simple to eccentric. The Venetian blind is made up of slats tied to a piece of string, and it can be closed and opened using a twistable lever.

Both types of blind are amongst the most popular choices throughout the world, but why have they managed to remain successful? And what are their roots?

The Venetian Blind

In spite of its name, the Venetian blind’s origins can be traced back millennia to the Far East, with countries including China using bamboo to make the slats which are tied onto string. Egypt is also amongst the first countries to start using them on a large scale, though they usually built the slats from reeds.

However, the blinds really started to gain stead in Europe and throughout the world in the 18th century when a Persian creation took Venice by storm. Its popularity in Venice resulted in Venetian blinds being spread as far as the USA, and they went down particularly well in France – after all, France is still famous for being an international fashion hub.

Nowadays, this type of blind is made from a range of materials including plastic, wood, aluminium and more.

The Roman Blind

This invention happened as a result of necessity, when Romans lived next to long, straight roads with horses and carts going by kicking dust up into the air. Unfortunately, a lot of that dust and dirt made its way into people’s properties. The Romans simply needed a way to shelter themselves from the hot sun and stop dust ruining their home’s interior.

They solved their problem by hanging a damp cloth over the windows, which effectively kept the dust out and made their homes a little cooler. It wasn’t long before almost everybody started to drape things over their windows, and soon enough, people were painting their Roman blinds with patterns and images.

It’s quite amazing how popular Roman blinds are all over the world. People can buy Roman blinds in Perth and just about every other major city, and they’re available in a countless number of designs and patterns.

Making a Home Look Stylish

As aforementioned, it’s often the oldest inventions that become the next big thing. Those who are interested in making their home look timelessly stylish should contact a reputable company such as Westral Home Improvements because only the best providers will be able to offer expert advice. Those who buy timeless furnishings are the ones who spend less on maintaining their home’s style.


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