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Homecoming Dresses for Homecoming 2017

Definitely, the homecoming is an important event in the life of any high school student, perhaps surpassed only by the prom. If the prom is a pompous event that requires long elegant dresses, the homecoming offers the students the chance to feel better in more loose clothing. Even so, there is one question that remains: how to find the best homecoming dresses for homecoming 2017Short Prom Dresses

Choose the adequate cut and length

Even if this is a semi-formal event, it’s not the case to wear the same dress you have for the prom or another one that makes you look like you’re out of a fairytale. The perfect length should be just above the knee or at it. Here you can underline your silhouette with a sleek design and cuts that lets you dance and move all night long at your wish. You can choose tulle, straps or ruffles if you want.

Appropriate pattern, color and fabric

Traditionally, the homecoming takes place in late autumn. For this reason, you shouldn’t be using bright colors, summery floral patterns or tie-dye ones. Instead, opt for dark colors, metallic shades, blacks, whites or ivories. Even animal print can be a fun option, but if you’re the classy type, you can also go for a dark and elegant brocade. Needless to say, fabrics that have a sheen on them are typical of any homecoming outfit.

Choose an appropriate and practical dress

If a sequin option may look excellent on the cover of a magazine, it may not look so in a homecoming. They say that the best option is the appropriate one, so make sure that you respect the school’s dress code. For example, if you’re not allowed with sleeveless dresses, you should prepare a shawl or a shrug, anything to cover your shoulders. Also remember to bring a coat, since during the night it might get chilly.

Keep your style

Going to a homecoming event does not mean that you have to quit your own personal style and to adopt what other people suggest. You can customize your dress in order to reflect your aesthetic and what represents you. If you’re generally elegant, then maybe you should go for a little fanciness with the dress (not too much though!). If you’re funny and crazy, you can try animal print or fine touches of bright colors here and there.

Plan everything

Since it may even take a couple of months to find the perfect dress, take enough time in order to do your homework on this. The earlier you start, the more dresses you will find and the less stress you will encounter before the event, just perfect so as not to ruin the days before!  Going To The Prom


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