Home Series: 5 Tips on What Furniture Works For Your Patio

What Furniture Works For Your Patio

If the furniture you moved outside looks like its definitely has seen better days, think about it. Was replacing the old furniture inside the house, by propping the old one outside, a wise idea? Outdoor furniture requires its own careful consideration and design creativity to make it work.

No one is stopping you from mixing and matching furniture pieces, you just have to be tasteful about it. Here are some of the ideas on how you can shop for and arrange the furniture outside to make your patio or porch look more pleasing. Orson & Blake Furniture and Accessories

Stick to Basics- Pick a Colour

You must look at different elements that you wish to cover the space with like a coffee table, sofa, or individual chairs etc. You want to then match the colours on the seat fabrics to the throw pillows that come with the furniture. You will be surprised how a minimal touch like this can bring the pieces together brilliantly; you may not even have to buy all new things either.

Add New Things

If you have decided that you are going to stick to pillows, vases, and umbrellas in the same colour, you can always get something interesting to pop out from all the big furniture, like pastel coloured placement mats. You are going to need them anyways when you decide to use the table outside, might as well make them a part of decor.

Make It Dramatic

You don’t have to buy too many things to cover up the space. You can always go for impact within one thing if you like as well. For example many people like to have a dining table with wicker chairs, we say take it up a notch by picking stylish and darker hued arm chairs for the table, and the place won’t seem empty at all.

Keep It Casual

If you are faced with an outdoor space that is covered with plants, do not remove them. You can always make your furniture look as an extension of nature. Think rustic style and vintage elements. It’s incredibly chic.

Divide the Space

If you already have furniture and just don’t know how to arrange the perfectly matching things in it all, you can always buy a portable electric fireplace to add appeal to the space and have your furniture look like they have a role. A working fireplace makes for great sitting area in the evenings. You also have the freedom of arranging your furniture around the outdoor area as you like, as long as it’s close to the fireplace.

Using Different Pieces

Most people might have never noticed it, but it is possible that you take two different furniture pieces to work as one in the entire space you have on your patio. In order to unify the pieces as one big lounging area, you can always make one aspect of it common in all the furniture pieces. For example, a large ottoman that all the furniture is facing.

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