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 United Colors of the Pantone: The Best of the Best for 2017

Home Series United Colors of the Pantone The Best of the Best for 2017

Another exciting year is coming to an end and many people are turning their heads to see what hides around the corner. Apart from making New Year resolutions, we also adore creating “best of” lists. The Pantone Color Institute, a global color authority, stands out from the rest. It highlights colors that are gaining traction in the global culture, aspiring to capture the zeitgeist of the era.

The champion for the year 2017 has been selected and is expected to prevail in fashion and all forms of decoration.

It is easy being green

According to the Pantone, the utterly refreshing and rejuvenating shade of greenery will dominate the color spectrum in the following year. It will serve as a successor of this year’s title holders, Rose Quartz and Serenity. This life-affirming tone is actually a zesty yellow-green hue. This combination creates a color which is not as deep, but echoes the splendid arrival of spring, the time of bustling revival and restoration.

Greenery instantly evokes the sensation of growing plants, and few colors can rival the amount of vitality it is brimming with. It inspires people to take a deep breath and unleash inner vigor and passion. Likewise, it reminds us not to forgo our inner craving to establish a deeper connection with the natural world and escape the vicious loop of the daily hustle and bustle.

Thus, greenery invites us to immerse in pristine beauty and grandeur once more and feel the inherent unity of life. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that this color is taking hold in architecture and interior design, acting as a tool for transforming all aspects of the man-made environment. Ultimately, greenery is meant to reflect the prevailing way of thinking in the world and wave a flag of hopefulness.   It is easy being green with pantone colors of 2017

Garden of Eden

Among the other colors, the Pantone has underlined Kale. This shade is capable of subtly infusing our interiors with visual appeal and adorning pieces like ottomans, sofas, cushions, and wall art. Much like greenery, it is a breath of fresh air, which shifts the visual order of things. What is more, the proliferation of Kale is aligned with the rising popularity of vertical gardens, leafy plazas, and rooftop gardens in architecture.

Furthermore, aficionados at the Pantone have selected Primrose Yellow as one of the favorites. It will play an important role in interior design, and considering its brightness, designers will probably mix it with lighter yellow and orange tones to mute the look. Then again, those who fancy reds will be more interested in the frisky Flame.  It is a perfect statement color for the interior, one which can be used in moderation or throughout the living environment.  A collection of green pantone colors for 2017

The stage is set

Experts from the Mecque compliment the versatility and variety of selected colors, pointing out the practical value of shades like Hazelnut.  It is a quintessential neutral with a wide application. Moreover, it also has a warm undertone, which means that you can both let it take the central stage or assume the role of a supporting actor. On the other hand, Lapis Blue best serves as an anchoring color. Note also that blue tones summon the essence of tranquility in your home and are a sound choice for centerpieces such as antique sofas.

If that is not your cup of tea, you can opt for another Pantone’s darling, Niagara. It is a calming blue tone as well, fit to embellish both interior and outdoor spaces, like patios. Finally, Pale Dogwood is seen as a successor to Rose Quartz. This pink is the embodiment of airiness and lightness we often seek in our spaces, the epiphany of feminine charm and all things pretty. A bolder version with a blue twist is Pink Yarrow, which ignites visual interest and passion in our home.  Pantone Colors of 2016

Green light to creativity

The Pantone’s annual announcement is a moment which wipes the color slate of the year clean and introduces heralds of new emerging trends. This time around, greenery has won accolades, heading the color show into 2017. Therefore, we can expect to witness green shades springing up in the fashion runways, car shows, and interior landscape.  The next year will be the time of refreshment and rebirth, and the design world will gravitate around and harness the power of these sentiments.

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