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Home Treatment For Injured Dogs


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How to Give First Aid to Your Dog
When you own a dog, there will be times when you’ll have to take care of his or her health needs. You might need to give your pooch antibiotics, or he or her might be harmed in an accident. Just like parents must be prepared to provide first aid to their children, canine owners should be ready to handle sick or injured pups. It’s also wise to have the contact number for your veterinarian and animal hospital saved in your phone, so you can call them quickly in case of an emergency or to schedule an appointment should Fido become ill.

Source//Blog Petsy.mx

Source//Blog Petsy.mx

First Aid Supplies
Put together a first aid kit for your dog, so it will be ready if he or she needs it. Your kit should contain: Gauze for wrapping cuts/wounds or for muzzling dog Towels, strips of sterile cloth, or non-stick bandaids to control bleeding Adhesive tape for attaching gauze Digital thermometer for rectal temperatures (never put thermometer in dog’s mouth) Activated charcoal to absorb poison, after checking with poison control or vet’s office Leash Stretcher (although can be makeshift: door, board, floor mat)

Giving Oral Medicine
You might need to give pain medication or antibiotics to an ill pet, or you might have to pop a monthly heartworm pill into his or her mouth. Quite often, dogs aren’t thrilled with taking oral medications, but with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can handle it with no problem.

Oral liquid medicines can be squirted into the side of your dog’s mouth. You might need help restraining him. Pills can be coated with peanut butter, hidden in the center of a hollowed-out hot dog, or wrapped in chicken. With these coatings, your pet will probably gobble them up with no difficulty.


Source//Blog Petsy.mx

Handling Seizures
If your pet is having seizures, keep furniture and other hard objects away from him/her to avoid injury. Time the seizure and be prepared to give this information to your veterinarian. Keep your dog quiet and warm.

Broken Bones
If you suspect a fracture, you’ll need to transport your dog to the vet. Some tips to accomplish this include: Muzzle your dog. Carefully lay your pet on a flat surface such as stretcher, throw rug, or door mat. Wrap a blanket around them in order to secure them to the stretcher.

External Bleeding
If your pet has a cut or wound that is bleeding, you’ll need to: Press gauze or sterile cloth over the wound and apply pressure for a few minutes. Apply a tourniquet for severe bleeding.

Get your dog to the vet!
Your dog will have a healthier and longer life if you are prepared to perform basic first aid. Once you practice a few of these tips and tricks, you’ll feel confident about your abilities. Just to give you an idea check out Veterinarian Reno

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