Household Storage Solutions on Wheels

The wheel was invented in ancient times, yet it took us centuries to even think about putting wheels on luggage. Here are some other ways we could be making our lives easier with wheels.

Well Hello, Dolly

Very few homeowners own an appliance dolly. But they enable you to move heavy appliances safely. Moving your stove and refrigerator away from the wall is easily done without scratching your floor or appliances with an appliance dolly. Don’t forget to get some blankets to protect metal finishes. Check the straps on your dolly every time you use it, and replace them if they’re frayed or worn.

Caster Wheels on a pallet table
Source: Pinterest Caster Wheels on a pallet table

Pneumatic Tires Are for Bicycles

Wheelbarrows are so important the poet William Carlos Williams wrote about them, but it’s miserable to have to dig out the bicycle pump every time you need to go pull weeds or pick up limbs. Replace the pneumatic tire that came with your wheelbarrow with a solid one and it’s always ready to go. 5 inch caster wheels are good for harder surfaces. Softer or rockier soils may require a larger wheel. Wheelbarrows are made to dump things, so they’re inherently more unstable than other types of carts. You may want a different design depending on whether you are hauling dirt, plants, rocks, or other items in your yard.

Source: Pinterest Wheelbarrows

Tool Chests on Wheels

Tool chests on wheels allow mechanics easy access to a large assortment of tools, whether they’re working on their own cars or operating a mobile mechanic business. They provide a stable shelving system for tools instead of leaving them all over the driveway or the car.

Tool Chests on Wheels
Source Pinterest Tool Chests on Wheels

Carts and Wagons to the Rescue

Wagons don’t have to be little and red anymore. Setting up a cart or wagon that’s loaded with everything you need for a given type of project allows you to quickly move your materials in and out for the job. But be careful not to overload them. Read the information that came with your cart or wagon to make sure the weight limit is right for what you’re trying to move around. Sod, ceramic tile and other heavy items can overload your cart or wagon and make it more likely to tip over in turns or bog down long before you run out of room.

Ursa Turf Wagon with Pneumatic Tires
Source Pinterest Ursa Turf Wagon with Pneumatic Tires

We invented the wheel a long time ago, but it’s surprising how often people don’t think to put them on their storage and handling solutions. Save your back by upgrading these household items.
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