How to Clean a Cat Tree

How-to-properly-clean-a-cat-tree.A cat tree is one piece of furniture every cat owner needs. Cat trees help your cats in many ways. Your cat can relax, sleep, and play on their cat tree. There are different types of cat trees, and you should make sure you select the best one for your cat.  The cat tree is one structure that a lot of cat owners are grateful for because it greatly improves your cat’s mood.  A cat tree will make your cat feel more in control of their environment. 

Some cat owners wonder if their fat cat can get or use a cat tree. It’s even encouraged for fat cat owners to get cat trees for their cats. There are cat trees for fat cats that will significantly improve their physique and make them healthier. Cats love to be stimulated, and active and climbing cat trees will provide this for your cats and make them lose weight. So if you have a fat cat, it is highly advisable you get a cat tree. One thing a lot of cat tree owners wonder is how they can clean their cat trees. It can prove to be a daunting task cleaning a cat tree so keep on reading to find out how to clean your cat tree;

Gather required supplies

Before you start cleaning your cat tree, you need to get the supplies you’ll use to clean it. You’ll need a vacuum to clean all the dirt and debris that will be on the cat tree and its surrounding area. You will also need a lint roller and a stain remover spray and scrubber to clean all stubborn stains. 

When you’re cleaning, you should make sure you use cleaning supplies that won’t irritate your cat too much. If the cleaning spray you’re using is too sensitive to your cat’s nose, your cat won’t want to return to the cat tree. So when you’re picking out cleaning supplies, pick supplies that don’t have a pungent smell. Get cleaning sprays that smell flowery and natural so your cat will enjoy the scent. 

Use vacuum, scrubber and lint roller to remove hair

These cleaning supplies were already mentioned above, but we will be talking about them again. Why? Because their importance can’t be overemphasized. You need to try your possible best to get all the hair away from your cat tree. When you’re cleaning your cat tree, you should first use the vacuum to get more obvious shed hairs that will be there. Sadly, a vacuum won’t be able to get all hair out, so you will need to use a lint roller and scrubber. Use the scrubber to get all the fine hairs that are hard to get out of the cat tree. 

Make sure you get all the hair out of your cat tree, so your cat won’t choke on it or be irritated by it.

Use a stain remover to get rid of stains

Once you’re done cleaning all the hairs that are on the cat tree, use a stain remover to remove the stain. It would help if you got a pet-friendly cleaning solution. Once you get the stain remover, you should spray it on the stubborn stains and wait for 5 -10 minutes for the stain to dissolve. Once the stain has dissolved, you should get a napkin and wipe it down. You can use a napkin or paper towel to get rid of the stains. Just make sure you clean with something that won’t leave a residue or disturb your cat.

It’s essential you get a cat tree for your cat, and cleaning your cat tree is just as important. A clean cat tree will make all the difference in your cat’s life. A dirty cat tree will discourage your cat from playing on it. If your cat’s cat tree is continuously dirty, it can serve as a breeding ground for all sorts of diseases. So not only is a clean cat tree attractive to your cat, but it will also keep diseases and illnesses away. It would be best if you tried to clean your cat tree as often as possible. Cleaning your cat tree weekly is advisable, but you can make it more frequently than that if you want. Get a cat tree for your cat and make sure to clean it regularly, your cat’s mood will significantly improve. 
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