Important Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Doorbell

Getting the right doorbell can be quite a hassle. With so many products available in the market, it can be quite confusing to figure out the ideal doorbell for one’s home!

Picture this; homeowners walk into a store looking for a doorbell to replace the last one that got vandalized. The first thing that greets them is the hundreds of styles available, not to mention the dozens of companies advertising that they offer the best wireless doorbell in the market.

If that’s not enough, each doorbell has a unique price promising XYZ features. Wouldn’t the homeowners have a hard time deciding what suits them best?

Knowing the Basic Tech

Perhaps the first place they should start is by knowing the basic meaning of a wireless doorbell. In technical terms, a wireless doorbell is a device that uses RF (Radio Frequency). When the transmitter button is pressed, it sends one or more signals to the receiver, which then plays a given sound or rings. Normally, wireless doorbells have a sound bandwidth of between 300MHz to 500MHz.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few factors one should consider before purchasing a quality wireless doorbell. Plus don’t forget to read the review of a doorbell before purchasing it!


A majority, if not all, manufacturers have a range for each of their devices and normally quote them. For the cheaper doorbells, the range can be as little as 100 feet. However, for the premium high-end models, the range can be between 300 to 600 feet.

Moreover, manufactures will explain to the customer that the range will be accurate when the device is under ideal conditions. What this means is that without any barriers present, then the signal will not be interfered with. That’s because RF signals are propagated in straight lines. Objects such as brick walls might absorb some of these signals.

Volume and chimes

Honestly speaking, nothing irritates more than having a doorbell chime that is annoying and puts one in a bad mood instantly.

Of course, it’s quite difficult to know what sounds you don’t like without hearing them first and then deciding to purchase. Thankfully, most manufacturers of wireless doorbells normally offer at least a dozen chimes for their consumers to checkout; before deciding the most ideal one.

Then there is another important factor; volume; especially if the homeowner happens to have a mild hearing complication.

Fortunately, most wireless doorbells have adjustable volume and also come with decibel ratings mentioned in the packaging.


Lighting is also another vital factor. In fact, illuminated bells are helpful if one happens to be approaching the door while in the dark. There are also some wireless doorbells that happen to have motion sensors, making it possible for one to control an external light. That’s pretty great if the homeowner is approaching the house; as well as seeing who could be outside so late at night.


Cheap wireless doorbells normally have a simple setup. That is, one receiver, as well as a single bell push. High-end wireless doorbells, on the other hand, can come equipped with multiple bell pushes with varying chimes to let one know which door a visitor is coming from.

Hence if one plans to upgrade from their previous doorbell, they should definitely consider the aforementioned factors before making a conscious, well-budgeted, decision.

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