Improving Overall Health When Keeping Squats in Your Regime

Never Drop Your Squats

Squats are one exercise that can improve your overall health, in fact, no other exercise can provide the physical and health benefits of squats. They not only strengthen your legs, but they also help you lose weight, run faster and maintain mobility. Squats help you build muscle and increase muscle mass, especially when they are combined with other working out other areas of the body. When it is done properly, the squat activates an estimated 200 muscles in the body. It strengthens the largest muscles in the body and strengthens stabilizer muscles that help keep you mobile into old age as well as keep your balance. So grab your squat board and start your journey to overall fitness. 7 Reasons why you should not stop doing squats in your regime

Building Muscles Throughout Your Body

If you haven’t done squats before, you can easily learn how to do them. It may take some practice to do them properly, but once you’ve learned the technique the benefits can be truly amazing for the legs and many areas of the body. Even though you are mainly working on your leg muscles, squats will also improve the strength of your lower and upper body, along with stimulating muscle growth throughout your whole body. The exercise fosters the release of hormones that are essential for the growth of muscle tissue.

Burning Fat and Losing Weight

As you tone and build more muscles, your body may be burning more calories which means burning fat and losing weight. This is a healthy and effective way to lose weight. You may burn up to 50 calories per day per pound of muscle. If you do squats to develop 10 pounds of muscle, you may burn 500 calories per day.

Keeping Knees Supple and Strong

Stretching and bending your knees strengthens your knee muscles and promotes blood and oxygen flow to the joints, keeping them strong and supple.

Getting Rid of Cellulite and Improving Circulation

Doing squats will help get the blood flowing throughout your whole body. Good circulation improves your overall health by increasing the oxygen and nutrients to all the muscles and vital organs. If the squats are done regularly cellulite can also be removed.


The muscular action of the squat will improve the flow of fluids in your body which will stimulate the movement of wastes through your bowels ensuring regular bowel movements.


Squats being a low impact exercise are ideal for people with back, ankle or knee problems. Unlike using exercise equipment which focuses on specific muscles, when you do a squat every single muscle in your leg is being used. Just the simple act of keeping yourself upright and balanced gives your entire leg a good workout.

Improve Posture

One of the great benefits of squats is improving your posture. Along with this, your balance will improve. The balance that you will need to do your squats will help you to stand straight, sit erect, and walk tall. Your back muscles, in general, will be strengthened to avoid back pains that can be caused by sitting down for long periods.

Nothing compares to squats and they can be done almost anywhere. If there is one exercise you should be doing to improve your overall health it is squats. It builds your muscle mass to help you look toned and maintain a healthy weight.

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