Key Steps You Should Take After a Bicycle Wreck

Key-Steps-You-Should-Take-After-a-Bicycle-WreckCycling is an excellent way to move from place to place while getting in some exercise-talk of a win-win. The grim flip side is that bicycle accidents can be severe and life-changing. When cycling, no one has the thought of crashing in mind. It, however, sure helps when you know what to do in case of one. Following the appropriate steps makes it easier to get compensation and stay safe after a bike wreck. Here are steps to take after a bicycle wreck:

Stay calm

The first thing to do after a bicycle crash is to maintain composure. You are more likely to engage your mind better and take reasonable actions when you remain calm. You will think logically and avoid getting yourself in more danger.

Get away from further danger

The last thing you want is to be in the line of another accident. Assess if you are in a dangerous position and move to a safer place. That will help you avoid impeding traffic. Be careful, especially if the accident was on a busy street or highway.

Call and wait for the police

The next thing to do is call the police and wait for them to arrive. Consider calling the police even if the crash seems minor and you feel okay. In some cases, your body may take time to register the injuries. Leaving the scene without calling the cops means finding the motorist responsible for the crash may be difficult. Remember, you are legally obligated to stay at the crash scene if there have been injuries or property damage. It allows the police to make an official report about the accident.

Do not negotiate or admit guilt

Resist the urge to negotiate with the other party. Do not make statements that show that there is an admission of guilt on your part. Do not negotiate with the motorists or the other party- even if they apologize  and accept responsibility. You may reach an immature agreement without understanding the extent of damage to your bike or yourself.

Get all relevant information about the driver

Gather all the information you can get about the other motorist, such as their name, address, phone number, license plate number, and driver’s license number. Get additional information like the make of the car and the insurance policy number.

Obtain witnesses’ contact details

You will want someone to corroborate your account of events. The best people to do that are the witnesses at the wreck scene. Obtain their names and contact details to be easy to reach them. You could also request them to wait for the police to give an official statement.

Document the scene

Record all the details you remember from the accident. Note down all the information on the location and time of the accident. Writing down will help you remember even the seemingly minute details. You could even draw maps and diagrams illustrating the direction and position of everyone involved in the accident. Have details of the signs, streets and traffic lights. Use your smartphone camera to take photos and videos showing the impact on your bike. Do not miss out on critical information like the position of the cars and your bike relative to the street. It will come in handy when an adjuster recreates the accident.

Seek medical attention

The injuries may not be apparent or minor, but it is still necessary to consult a doctor for an official evaluation. Visit your local emergency room to confirm you are in good shape.

Have proper records of your injuries

Record your symptoms and take photos of your injuries. Also, keep the doctor’s report safely. The medical records help document the extent of your injuries. It will be easier to get appropriate compensation when you file a claim because you have enough evidence.

Get an attorney

You want to protect your rights, and the best way to do so is to work with a professional attorney. An attorney will have your best interest at heart and help you secure valuable evidence. Seek legal advice from a bicycle accident lawyer for hire before providing any statement to your insurance company. The attorney will guide you to get the most appropriate compensation for your property and any medical expenses. They will also negotiate with your insurance company and represent you in case of a lawsuit.

Report to your insurance company

You can then report to your insurance company with the guidance of your attorney. The insurance company will assess the situation and send an adjuster to help determine compensation.

Wrapping up

Being involved in a bicycle accident can be devastating. It will be much easier to deal with the situation if you know the correct steps to follow. It also helps when you hire an attorney to protect your rights after such an incident.

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