Learn How to Toss Your Bean Bags in Five Steps

Beanbags are fun to play with, especially with the tossing involved. Tossing is the key element of this game. Lack of a good toss will cause your bean bag to land on a wrong point, making you lose many scores. Beanbag tossing techniques require a lot of practice as well as a bit of training. The technique can be learnt but practice is left to the individual to do. Bean Bag Games

Basic steps to tossing the correct way

Just like any other game, for example bowling, bean bag tossing requires ultimate intention.  There are many tossing styles that one can learn to enjoy the game better. However, until you understand the basic steps of the tossing strategy, you cannot be the best. The steps include:

  • Prepare – This first level involves both mental and physical workings. Focusing on the toss without getting distracted even by your opponent is vital. Focusing on the holes of the bean bag toss boards is importantfor making your scores. The most important discipline is to set your sights purely on the hole without looking away until the beanbag lands there. Learn to toss in three simple steps:
  • By placing your thumb in the center of your bag
  • Then curling your index finger around the corner
  • Finally, allow the index finger to support the lower side
  • Step – Many players use this to step before they toss, ensuring that their toss is coming from the legs, not the arms. As you plant your opposite leg firmly on the ground, bring back your throwing arm. This is a technique known as plant leg as the other leg remains stationary to provide balance.
  • Swing – Gently swing your arms but do not throw the bag at this point. If you carelessly chunk the bag at this point, you are bound to miss the hole. Instead, think of how you can gently toss the bag so that it drops on the board from afar. Learning to measure your swing is very critical as it will help you figure out the speed for each toss.
  • Release – Learn the release timing for the success of your shot. Releasing too soon will cause your bag to flop on the grass while releasing too late will hit someone standing behind you. The general rule of thumb you should learn is to let go of the bean bag when your aim is at a 90-degree angle with the armpit as well as your shoulder. Remember, in case the board is full of other bags, you will want to create an arch to your toss so that you may slip your bag through the hole without taking any of your opponent’s bags with you.
  • Spin – Adding a simple spin to your bag will help it slide across the board’s surface. With this slide, hopefully, it can spiral into the hole.
  • Finally, follow through – By maintaining a focus on the back of the hole after the bag has left your hand, you may be able to balance and aim like you are creating a muscle memory to improve the next throw.
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