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How to Spruce Up Your Master Bathroom?

Greene County master bathroom

If you want to upgrade your master bath, but just do to want to spend all the money it would take to do a complete redo, there are a few things you can do that will actually change the look and feel of the master bath that you will love. One of these things is adding illuminated dressing mirrors. These mirrors not only show you in full length how you look, but with the illumination add a touch so you can truly see the real you.

Other things that are not expensive that can be done include updating your old fixtures such as your faucets or resurfacing your bathtub. Both of these are not expensive but will give your master bath a new look.

Paint the walls in your bathroom to match the theme you have chosen; you can even add French doors or swinging doors to the bath to provide an elegant appeal. I would not suggest changing out the tile as this will be an expensive endeavor, but of course it is your money.

Use artwork, vases, plants, candles, and other items to give the bath a more appealing atmosphere. Of course, you will want to use items that will blend or contrast with the tile creating the style you desire.

You may even wish to go with a theme which is often pretty easy to do with all the items that are available today. Consider a jungle with all kinds of flora and fauna with a small tree in a planter, while adding tiger or leopard spotted wallpaper around the edge of the ceiling.

If you are just plain tired of the tile, it can also be painted. It will not last as long as being replaced, but it will cost less and repainting will be just as easy and affordable. You should always use a good primer and never use a water based paint in the bathroom.

Add ceiling fixtures, curtains to the windows and even a new shower curtain that matches the theme you have chosen. There are all kinds of things you can do like adding towel racks, hooks, and other ornaments that are also practical but will give your master bath a new look. If you can afford to change out the tub, you could really go wild and add one that is like a spa. The problem then would be that you would never want to leave the room as it would become your favorite room in the house.

No matter what you decide, create a budget and stick to it. Going overboard, is never a good idea especially when it comes to spending more than you need to in order to redecorate your master bath and giving it a feel that you and your spouse will enjoy instead of a place to only use when necessary.


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