The Innovation of Mytho’s Climbing Shoes

Shoes and Innovation

Have you ever climbed to the top of the mountain? There is a sense of pride that comes from being able to finish what you set off to do. The struggle to get the next foothold, the reach for that next spot to pull yourself up, is only heightened as you reach the top. Then when you finally get there, you can stop and take a look around. Enjoy the ability to look down on the world and know that the struggle was worth the end result. It is all the beauty of being one with the earth, if only for a little while. The beauty of knowing that you can achieve the highest of obstacles. The feel, the rush, the pride is like nothing you can get any other way. Rock Climbing in Mythos Climbing Shoes

Mytho’s Climbing Shoes

There are few shoes, or shoe companies that can make the claims that the ones that Mythos can make. First, the most important thing is that Mythos is a company deeply rooted in a mountain community. The people that created them climbed every single day. They used the prototypes. The trashed what it didn’t work. They highlighted what did work. They made their shoes better. They grew in popularity. The company grew. With each individual innovation that they put into their shoes, they made their company larger. The interesting point is that they  never moved. They kept their company right where it was. After all, the world in which they live is what spurred on the innovation and design in their shoes.

The Very Best Things

Mythos Climbing Shoes are made for climbing, that point has already been established. Now you need to know why they are so perfect. First, let’s take a look at the tongue. It seems like it is such a little thing, but they have taken that tongue and gave it a job. It take moisture and brings it to the top so that it can evaporate so that your feet stay dry. The leather in the shoes moves with your feet. It is so flexible that you can reach for the next foothold and your shoes are going to move with your feet so you can move freely. The leather is specially designed so that your feet can breathe. Sure, your feet can be sore, but they will be dry and comfortable. This means less blisters and more climbing. Even the laces are important. The way that they are designed, they can give. When your shoe moves, your laces flex. You shoe stays exactly where it needs to be, whether or not you move suddenly.

Let’s wrap it all together. In the sake of pure honesty, if you are looking for a gift for that special climber in your life, you have already realize two things. First, the shoes make or break the climb. Second, your climber doesn’t need much to make them happy. Make that investment. Go a little further. You want these shoes because they offer an incredible peace of mind and the ultimate in climbing shoes.


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