Myths About Hair Extensions

What can be more cheerful when you can keep short hair as well as long hair! Wait, what? Yes, hair extension clip-in are used for this purpose. One having short hair can extend its hair using this. Human hair extensions in Melbourne provides us with the best hair extension suggestions and clip-ins. But a lot of them hesitate to use it because they might have heard some negatives about it somewhere. Thus, below stated are the myths related to hair extensions. How_to_blend_extensions_with_thin_hair_before_and_after_1024x1024

Damaged and Broken Hair:

Many people claim that hair extension can make the hair root damaged and result in breaking of hair. Some may also add that it will make your hair thin! But this is totally false as clip-in hair extensions do not pull the hair or exert any stress on hair roots. One must take care that she removes it at the night to avoid any hair break or pressure on the hair scalp. It should be also worn in a proper manner to avoid any damage to the hair. Moreover, permanent hair extensions do cause damage, but in a negligible amount.

Won’t Blend In:

Hair extension will not blend in if and only if you use a wrong set of hair extension for your hair. It is really very important to use the correct hair extension according to the type of hair of an individual. According to specialists, there are three types of set weighing differently: 120 g set is designed for people having thick hair, 160 g set is designed for people having an average amount of hair, and 220 g set is designed for people having a thick and good density of hair. So one has to choose an appropriate set.

Tracks Will be Visible:

Some of them complain that the extension tracks will be visible out of natural hair. This comes when one does not clip it in properly. One must practice well for proper and perfect hair presentation. How to blend clip-in Luxy Hair extensions with thin hair by Luxy Hair will help you to put it properly.

Give You Headaches:

People argue that as an extra amount of weight will be put up on your head, so this will result in headache. But the weight of hair extension is the same as that of natural hair, hence the amount of weight on our head is equal. Even the clips used for this purpose are lightweight and comfortable. Even then if you get a headache, after you are habitual of wearing hair extension, you will get used to it. Also, the clips should be at a little distance from scalp rather than being right at the scalp.

High – Maintenance:

Hair extensions are not so complicated that they need professional salon care. You will have a good hand on it after you get used to it. The clips are also not attached right from the scalp, so hair scalp will also not be oily and hence you need not wash your hair regularly.
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