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I received Noxicare to review an all “natural pain relief” cream, that is odorless, goes on smooth. It is a thick cream and a small amount goes a long ways, a little oily to my feel. 

It is formulated for joint pain, musculoskeletal pain, it does not require a lot I used a quarter size for my shoulder. I tired it for morning stiffness and works within minutes, relaxes my arm so I can work.

The directions say: Apply generously to problem area and rub in completely 2-3 times per day.

Natural Ingredients: Turmeric, Willow Bark, Ginger, Holy Basil, Rosemary, Alpha Lopic Acids and Boswellia Extract.

I would recommend Noxicare as a “natural pain reliever”.

You can visit their site and order with a 10% Special using promo code BLGDS at Noxicare?
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