NuNAAT Hair Care Products Review

NAAT-Treatment-Repair-Care-with-Açai-Berry-and-Keratin-CollectionI was lucky to receive NuNaat products to try. I received all products you see below and the first thing is, I always smell new shampoo’s as I like a nice fragrance and this is really nice, clean and will leave a slight lingering fragrance after washing. Update, their products are available at Walmart, Ebay, and Amazon

My Hair:
♦ Some damage
♦ Hair Coloring
♦ Limp
♦ Lackluster
♦ Thinning hair

♦ I was anxious to try this line of NuNaat products as I have color-treated hair and is very fine so taking that into consideration was another point for me. I am finding after using the products for about a month now that I have 3 of the products I really like, the shampoo with keratin treatment, the Keratin conditioner, and the leave-in conditioner.
♦ All ingredients n the products are natural ingredients from the Brazilian Rainforest regions. A few of these ingredients include  Acai, Garlic, Green Keratin, Milk Protein and Brazil Nut.

♦ I did not change my hair washing routine for this review, I generally wash my hair 2 to 3 times a week to maintain hair color
♦ I used the products according to recommendations, however, that is usually the way I use products
♦ I shampooed my hair with the Acai berry Keratin Shampoo then applied the Acai Berry Keratin Conditioner, leaving it in long enough to finish my shower. The shampoo has an exhilarating feeling to stimulate the scalp for improvement in circulation to help stop hair loss.
♦ After towel drying my hair I would use the Acai Berry Keratin Leave-In Conditioner. Note: I thought at first that it would be to much conditioner and cause my hair to be limp but I found that was not the case.
♦ I must admit I did not use the hair mask as for me my hair did not seem to warrant it.

All in all, I am pleased with the way my hair is responding to the NuNatt products and they have exceeded my expectations for this review. My hair is shinier, more manageable and hopefully with continued use will improve my loss of hair.
♦Super Açaí Berry antioxidants
♦Packed with vitamins A, B1, C and E
♦Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein is an ultra-powerful hair strengthener
♦Anti-aging properties
♦Combats hair loss
♦Reverses damage from over-styling

♦NAAT Treatment Repair Care with Açai Berry & Keratin Shampoo

♦NAAT Treatment Repair Care with Açai Berry & Keratin Conditioner

♦NAAT Treatment Repair Care Anti-Aging Leave-In with Açai Berry & Keratin

♦NAAT Treatment Repair Care Intensive Hair Mask with Açai Berry &Keratin

NuNaat products can be are available at Walgreens, Walmart, Sally Beauty Supplies

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