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Well my week has not changed much from last, but I have a stack of face mask’s I have enjoyed sewing, very calming actually, I have sold 9 so far and need to get them set up on Etsy, wish there were an easier site, does anyone know one easier, more user friendly? Let me know in the comments.

Are you still shuttered in or where you live have they lifted the gate? After listening and reading about the shutdown, I don’t feel it was warranted as there are 8 states that explained to their citizens the safety precautions and for the most part they are still working and have not had a spike in Covid cases. They are living their Constitutional rights! Your thoughts?

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Wonderful-Wednesday-HostsHostess-features-on-wonderful-wednesday-oh-my-heartsie-girl. Karren Haller // Oh My Heartsie Girl
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20 Replies to “Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday”

  1. Thank you Karren! I know these are frustrating times, with the virus impact so different depending where you are…I have learned to Zoom and all kinds of new things lately! Thanks for keeping the party going, I am thrilled to be a feature this week!

    1. This has definitely been a time for new things. But do you think things will ever go back to what we used to call normal?
      Your welcome for the feature last week, sorry for being slow to reply.
      Stay well!

  2. I pretty much feel the same way about the lockdown. I could see if certain areas; like New York City and other regions that were hit hard had shut down but it doesn’t seem like it was warranted everywhere; of course others argue that the lockdown is what helped other areas not get hit so hard and I guess we’ll never really know. It’s hard to know what/ who to trust and believe. I feel like there is so much we’re not being told and the media is trying to feed off our collective fears. I hope as these states open up things go well so we don’t find them locking it all back down again. We are hopeful to see some lifting here at the end of the month but I am wondering how many of these businesses will really be opening back up again.

    1. I agree with you Joanne, I see little restaurants and wonder the same thing, I dont know and if their landlords will work with them to catch up rents and then utilities. Our company is international have been ok. And with the hospitals putting “covid” on all death certificates just to get $39,000 from insurance is ridiculous, our insurance is going to skyrocket. So much will change and we have no idea. Then there the media, I don’t watch, so much is lies and the hidden agenda.
      You stay well, see you again soon!

  3. Karren,
    Thanks so much for continuing to host during this health crisis, spreading beauty, laughter and information!! Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy!!

    1. Hi Deb, I struggle wetting up the party but I know like me we all need it, I have stopped my Friday Features, for now, I cant stay focussed that much.
      I hope things are going well for you. Stay well!

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  5. Thank you for the party. I am totally against all these shut downs and restrictions. The cost of destroying people’s lives, the world economy, the people who are dying because they can not get medical procedures, the alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, child abuse, on, and on and on not to even mention that none of this is even constitutional. So many of these lockdowns don’t even make sense. Why are entire states locked down instead of going by counties? I live in the country. There have been only 4 cases of coronavirus yet I have to follow the same ‘rules’ as those who live in big cities. It makes literally no sense. If the republican states open up and there are no problems, the democrat governors are going to have a lot of explaining to do.

    1. I agree Amy, and I thought it was pretty amazing there were Republican governors that took the stand and trusted that people in their state would use common sense to stay well. A better model than those that are being shoved down our throats. 2 more weeks and will know. But I don’t know about this contact testing, there’s more there than meets the eye.

  6. I can’t disagree with you more, Karen. I try to get out and walk or bike and have to shop for myself and my mother and just from that what I see is disheartening. People not social distancing, not wearing masks or aware of or caring about other’s space and of course arguments resulting in tragedy when asked to comply. Things will never get better if people don’t stop be stupid and selfish and think of the future rather than just the moment. A second wave along with the flu seems likely.

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