Ombre Shading: What is this new cosmetic make up trend?

Ombre Shading- What is this new cosmetic make up trendObsessing over a naturally fuller eyebrow look will not get you anywhere. You may have tried those pencils and pomades to achieve that fuller brow look, but nothing gave you a satisfactory result. Don’t be disheartened by this. There are some latest eyebrow services available in the salons that can quickly solve your concern by providing you with a long-lasting and desired solution. Did you hear about the latest semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technique called microblading? Using this process, an artist adds hair-like strokes with pigment to fill in that area. Presently, another method has also surfaced in this field; it is famous as ombre shading.

Nowadays, ladies are going for a combination of microblading and ombre shading techniques to get the maximum benefits. In this context, let’s first understand everything about ombre shading.

What is this technique?

Ombre shading, a kind of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo, lends a softer tone to your eyebrow look, making it more natural and appealing. It adds depth to the brow line. Whether you want a paler shade or bold tone, you can get it done the way you desire.

Micorblading, on the other, replicates the natural hair look of the original eyebrow by creating hair-like strokes. What you get from this is quite different from a pencil look. It is a good option if you are interested in a lighter look.

If you wish to achieve a more realistic appearance, then think of combining shading with microblading. It can work like magic in your case.

What is the benefit of shading?

Specialists support this technique for its versatility in terms of its ability to produce desired results, whether applied in combination with other method or alone. From subtle to bold, it can help you achieve any look that you always wanted to enjoy. Also, ombre shading procedures provide better healing opportunities. And what is still more advantageous is the fact that it can suit almost every skin type, unlike microblading.

What is the benefit of going for a combo brow?

A combination of both these techniques works great on many people who want to acquire density, definition, and hair-like texture. It can prove quite beneficial to those suffering from the problem of thin or scanty eyebrows due to cancer, thyroid, alopecia, etc. Sometimes, microblading produces lighter results, which one may not find satisfactory. But applying it with shading can give you desired depth and hair-like texture both. For people with oily skin, combo service makes a wise choice because microblading alone may not help them in their cause.

Who can go for ombre shading?

If you don’t have any severe health and skin problem, you can opt for this service without hesitation. Artists generally don’t recommend it for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. However, the good thing is it is suitable for almost every skin type. Once you get this done, you can enjoy your fuller eyebrow look anywhere from one to three years. How long will it last on you depends on many factors, such as your health, lifestyle, skin type, and others.

So, are you planning to go for it? Different people feel different levels of pain while undergoing this process. Generally, artists numb the brow area with an anesthetic before and during administering the treatment so that you feel comfortable.
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