Online Health Insurance – Follow These Five Steps and Secure Your Family

Online shopping has been all the hype for quite some time now, ever since the growth & development of India’s e-commerce industry. Everything from clothes to groceries can be bought online using your smartphone or computer, making life easier for us. However, apart from mainstream products, there is a lot more the internet has to offer, such as health insurance. Thanks to the luxury of the internet, today, buying online medical insurance in India is effortless.

Health should be a priority for everyone, now more than ever, because of rising medical costs and uncertainties of life. Therefore, it is crucial to secure your and your family’s future by investing in the right health care policies. And there is no better time than now to do so, owing to the easy availability of online medical insurance in India.

But if you have any doubts about buying health plans online or need some clarity, you are at the right place. Scroll down to know everything about online medical insurance in India.
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What Are the Perks of Buying Medical Insurance Online?

Yes, you read that right. Perks. Buying online medical insurance in India comes with many perks, and it is even getting more popular than offline policy purchases. Let’s see some of the benefits:

  • Timesaving
  • Maximum security
  • No involvement of insurance agents
  • Cheaper compared to offline purchases
  • Highly convenient
  • Access to all available policies and lower premiums
  • Easy comparability
  • High claim settlement ratio
  • Transparent terms & conditions
  • Easy transaction
  • Instant coverage
  • Additional discounts

Now let’s talk about the process and what you should consider.

Follow These Five Steps to Buy Online Medical Insurance

Although purchasing online medical insurance in India is easy, safe, and convenient, it is essential to review some points to avoid making the wrong choice. Here are the steps you must follow to secure your and your loved ones’ future:

  1. Find a Suitable Online Insurance Portal

While buying medical insurance online, the first step is to find an insurance company providing good online services. You can opt for insurers like Care Health Insurance that offer affordable online plans with adequate coverage.

  1. Explore All Available Plans

When it comes to health care plans, there are several options. The most common ones include individual and family floater policies. Then you have more specific plans like those designed for senior citizens, mothers-to-be, or people suffering from chronic illnesses. It is crucial to choose the right plan based on your and your family’s medical requirements.

  1. Look for Medical Insurance with Wide Coverage

After you’ve decided on the type of medical insurance, the next step is to select a plan offering maximum coverage. A comprehensive policy includes pre & post-hospitalization costs, daycare expenses, transportation, domiciliary care, in-patient hospitalization, daily allowance, and AYUSH treatments.

  1. Check the Exclusions and Added Benefits

Every medical insurance policy has certain exclusions, and it is vital to read those before you make the purchase. These exclusions can be anything like self-inflicted injuries or treatment arising from abortion based on the plan. Similarly, all policies have additional benefits like No Claim Bonus, cashless payments, and a wide hospital network. Always check for such added benefits.

  1. Don’t Forget to Compare!

Since one major advantage of buying medical insurance online is easy comparability, don’t forget to thoroughly explore all your available options, shortlist them, and most importantly, compare them. You should compare everything from the coverage & premium to exclusions & inclusions before choosing so that you can find the best plan.

Buy Online Medical Insurance in India Today

As per the Statista Research Department’s 2020 report, India had nearly 700 million internet users spread across the country. Moreover, India was ranked as the second-largest online market in the world in 2019. Furthermore, the country’s internet users are only set to increase in the coming years. This makes buying online medical insurance in India a real possibility that can change the face of the insurance industry. So be the change and buy medical insurance online today.
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