The Importance of a To-Do-List

The-Importance-of-a-To-Do-ListTime management is a much-needed skill that many people need to master in order to do well at work and to enjoy their time off successfully. It’s not always easy, though; there always seem to be additional tasks and pulls on your time and attention that have to be dealt with, and just when you think you’ve reached the end, you see more to do.

In order to maintain a level, calm head and not become overwhelmed by the number of things you have to do, whether that’s in your work or at home, it’s a good idea to write a to do list. It might seem like a simple, straightforward solution, but it can make a big difference, and here are the reasons why.

You Won’t Forget

No matter how many times you tell yourself that you won’t forget to do something, your brain, despite what you might think, is not the best at remembering short term information. In fact, you might find that you easily forget information you have just heard or tasks that you know you need to do just because there are so many distractions and other jobs around, and your brain cannot deal with everything all at once.

By writing exactly what you need to do down, you aren’t going to forget. Even if you didn’t actually remember what you had to do, if you made a list the day before, you can settle down and get on with things without having to dredge up the memory of what you were meant to be doing. This is why making a to do list before you leave work or before you go to bed is a good idea; you will wake up and immediately know what is in store for you that day.Creating-a-to-do-list

You Can Prioritize

A to-do-list isn’t necessarily just a list of things that have to get done by a certain time. If you use your list cleverly, you can prioritize the items on it, ensuring that the most urgent, important tasks are done first, and the least important or the tasks that can be done another day if you run out of time, are done last. This way, you will always be in line with (or ahead of) your deadlines, and your reputation isn’t going to suffer.

Remember that you should include everything you want to do on your to do list, including your downtime. You don’t want to be so focused on work or being busy that you forget to stop and rest once in a while. Make sure you include reading time, or time to check out new websites like, or perhaps time to fit in a workout class or even a nap. If you don’t add these tasks to the list, you might just keep on working, and that’s not healthy.

You Can Track Your Progress

It can often seem that, no matter how much you do, there is always still a mountain of work left for you to complete. This can be disheartening and frustrating, and it might mean you are less focused and become stressed.

With a to-do-list, you can track your progress, crossing out items on the list as you complete them. By doing this simple action, you can see just how much you have done, and the more you do, the more satisfied and happy you will feel with your progress, helping you to push on to the end.
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Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday

Welcome to Linky party #224 We have fun Fall features that include yummy recipes and fashion features.
NOW….for what is on my plate, my son and I are going to Boise-Twin Falls Idaho to look for places to move our manufacturing warehouse and find a home this week. This will be a major move (and I am not pondering on the enormous task) and will take several trips and at least one 53 foot trailer (semi) to move. The plan is to find a home and move me there first and then my son will be going back to Vegas to move all our equipment from the warehouse. I have been looking at homes in the area but at this moment we have nothing picked out, and besides things can change so quickly that’s what we “will accomplish” this week, hum, kinda by the seat of our pants and lots of praying. Watch for my full post as I explain this life changing decision.

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SEO Check List to Go Through Before Launching Your First Website

Going-through-a-SEO-Check-List-before-launching-a-websiteIt’s the fortnight before that long-awaited launch of your website. Your baby is all set to hatch. But hold on for a few things before you press that “Launch” button. Firstly, ensure a reliable internet connection for your business such as the one from spectrum internet plans to make website maintenance activity easier. Secondly, SEO is going to help you with the long-term achievement of your goals in terms of search engine rankings. You have worked day-in, day-out to ensure the perfect development of your website. Since it gets very tedious having to design another website right after the launch of the first one, make sure to check these SEO considerations off your list before going live to the world.

Go through this quick SEO checklist below before hitting the Launch button:

URL Structure, Page Title, and Meta Description

Overly complicated URL structures do not just push the keyword away from the main body of URL but also make it less user-friendly and reduce share-ability.


URL plays an important role in telling humans and the search engines what the landing page is about, therefore, always keep it short and precise.  

Keyword-URL Consolidation

Create a list of high-ranking keywords and sort them in a way that they relate to a certain page. Assign at least one keyword to each page and then, map those keywords to the entire website and URLs. Try including them in the first and second part of your URL, and in addition to this, incorporate them in meta-titles and meta-descriptions to ensure complete on-page optimization.

Speed Optimization

Page-speed directly relates to bounce rates, which ultimately affect page rankings on Google. With increased internet speeds and growing optimizations, the patience levels among users, especially millennial’s, are dropping drastically. Considering the changing psychology of the target market, it becomes inevitable to ensure a reduced page load time on all platforms.

Page Responsiveness

Some websites simply fail to serve their purpose just because they don’t respond or adjust to different screen sizes. With the growing use of mobile phone technology, almost every other person surfing the internet is using a smartphone instead of a desktop.

So when it comes to website development, checking for page responsiveness on different screen sizes is absolutely necessary.

Website Schema

Schema markup allows search engines to present more informative and relevant search results to the users. It makes the search engine understand what the data actually means and not just what it appears to say. For example, a name in an Article like “Jeff Clarkson” with the right schema markup will tell the search engine that Jeff is the author of this article and not just a random part of the content.

Check for Duplication’s

Duplication’s do more harm than good to a website. Never make this mistake out of laziness. There are several tools available online to help you fix duplication’s. Google has set algorithms to penalize any website that is guilty of plagiarism. Make sure your website has fresh content for the user, which adds value to them in one way or another. Users do not want to waste their time reading the same content that is available on other platforms. So, make sure to go that extra mile to provide users with a worthwhile experience.

Run your website through an SEO Audit tool

Check your site’s launch-ability and visibility in the search results through numerous good SEO Audit Tools with most of their features available for free.

Analyze the website and see what recommendations you can implement to instantly boost the visibility of your website in search results.

Summing Up

When you are done making sure that all loopholes are filled perfectly, don’t forget to set up a few tools around your website to increase its crawl-ability so it can rank in search results. Tools like, Web Analytics, Uptime Tracking, Retargeting and remarketing, Brand alerts, Google Search Console, Moz, SEMRush, and social profiles help you analyze your website’s performance on a daily basis. So, evaluate your website regularly and keep it updated at all times to serve your audience with the latest news and events.

If you have recommendations and see anything missing from the list, don’t forget to leave them in the comments. We’d love to have a chat about them and their active utilization.
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