Why a Play Table and Chair Set is a Must for Your Child’s Room

As your child starts learning how to do things for him or herself, the commonest phrase around the house will be, “I can do it myself!” To encourage and support their independence, it’s important that you set up a safe environment with the necessary tools to nurture success. Why a Play Table and Chair Set is a Must for Your Child’s Room

Put yourself in your kid’s shoes, everything is bigger. To get to the book off the shelf, you will need a stool or even have to climb the bookshelf itself. To wash hands, you need a stool again, and since the hand towel is out of reach, forget about drying your hands.

Imagine how difficult life is for your children as they learn how to do things for themselves, but without an environment that encourages them to do so. This is why the best kids table and chairs set is fundamental for your kids’ development towards becoming independent human beings. The other benefits of having such sets in your child’s room include:

Teaches Kids Table Manners and Practical Life Skills

Your kids can help set the table prior to mealtime, clearing and cleaning the table afterward. Kids will love wiping the table and even take time to ensure that they get rid of all dirty spots off their table and chairs set.

An Alternative for a Rainy or Very Hot Day

Unpredictable weather sometimes forces your kids to remain indoors. During such times, the table and chairs set will function as an indoor play area where your kids are entertained, remain active and still have a good time.

Having your kids play around the set is a fantastic way to giving them 60 active minutes! Best of all, they exercise in disguise when they play chair games such as musical chairs, chair bigamy and chair relay.

Allow for Quiet Time

The table and chairs set is not only important for mealtimes. Your children can use it for doing their arts and crafts projects, playing with play dough, reading, and practicing writing skills.

Instead of your children running amok around your home, your children can sit down at their table and do a few quiet activities. Doing this allows mommy or daddy to stay sane – at least, most of the day!

Supports Independence

Your kids can sit on and get off their chairs on their own. Instead of always having an adult help them get into or out of a chair for meal or play times, they can make their own decisions.

Your kids have their own place to sit down, eat their own food or do their own activities. For instance, if your children want to draw, they just grab a piece of paper and crayons and sit down for a quiet art time.

Easy to Clean

When you enjoy all three meals and carry out various activities with your kids around the kids’ table, you will definitely appreciate that the smooth surface is easy to clean. Even marker stains can simply be removed by spraying some water and wiping clean with a paper towel.

In fact, your children will help you clean! After wiping the table, they will move on to cleaning the chairs. This translates to 30 minutes of independent play so mommy or daddy can get other chores complete!

Easy to Carry

Children’s table and chairs sets are extremely lightweight, so your kids can carry them easily around the home. All your child has to do is slide her arm through the opening in the back of the chair and move the chair around your house whenever needed, without too much trouble.

Promotes Good Posture and Comfort

Visualize if you had to sit with your legs dangling every time you had a meal. At the very least, this is an uncomfortable sitting position.

Small chairs allow kids to sit with their feet lie flat on the floor while their backs are against the chair for improved back support. Furthermore, your kid can adjust their distance from the table to ensure they’re not straining their backs and shoulders while trying to reach food.

Encourage Healthy Sibling Interaction

Your younger child likely follows his or her older sibling everywhere, wanting to do everything and anything they do. In most cases, a fight ensues because the younger one is constantly interfering or the older kid does not like the invasion into his personal space.

Having everybody sit in his or her own chair allows your kids to sit and play together at the same table, but in their own individual space. While a small table evens out the playing field, you can also use it as a part of your positive discipline technique.

Facilitate Group Interaction

Group play around a table and chairs set introduces your kids to social roles and cultural norms. Your kids develop the necessary skills to playing cooperatively in group structures.

Playtime around the table is also an opportunity for your kids to learn more about self-control, test relationships as well as understand acceptable group behavior. The skills learnt during group play form the basis of your kid’s social skills.


Most grown up tables have sharp corners and edges placed at such a height that your kid could hit his or her head hard on it. Fortunately, kid table and chairs sets do not have hard edges and instead have round corners so you never have to worry about your little ones’ safety.


Some sets can be used both in and outdoors with cheaper end types been more disposable in terms of quality. However, make sure that the set you choose is easy to clean, can withstand scratches and knocks and will endure intensive use within a short burst of time.


Giving your kids their own table is a great way of creating focus, whether on activities like mealtimes, arts and crafts or puzzles. In addition, children love using furniture at their own level, helping them feel grown up while setting the stage for more detailed activities between friends.

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