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 Holidays, weddings, the arrival of a new baby, graduations, travel, and reunions are all examples of special occasions in our lives that we welcome.  They are also examples of events in our lives that bring massive stress.

For our example, we are going to use a wedding as a stressful occasion. However, these tips can help in all stressful events with a little adjusting.

How To Prepare For a Special Occasion Without the Stress

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You need a couple of weeks between the wedding planning and the wedding ceremony to relax. That is easier said than done. You do not need to answer 100 calls or texts asking about your wedding gift desires. Set up a Bed, Bath & Beyond wedding registry and maybe a wedding website so everyone can stay current. Make sure you update the site often. Answer calls and texts with the web address to your registry. In a very nice way say how much, you appreciate them wanting to gift them for your special day. Then tell them you have made it easy for them by providing an easy to use an online registry.

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Post it on your social media accounts, record it on your voicemail, and tell your friends and family. Let everyone know that you are imposing a curfew. At 10:00 pm, you will be turning off the ringer. These evenings are recovery time. Try relaxing while you soak in a hot tub, get to bed early and maybe enjoy some stress-busting yoga moves.

The best defense is a great offense

The drama queen/king

There are always stressors at a wedding. But, if you ask the couple to lists their greatest fear, they will usually have one or two people/problems that are major concerns. Perhaps it is that one family member who seems to bring friction with them. They speak too loudly, they speak too bluntly and have no verbal filter.

The idea of introducing this person to your new in-laws, make your blood run cold. To make it worse, it would be inappropriate to omit this person from the wedding. So what can you do?

You know the people who have brought drama with them throughout your life. Assign a family member to them. Have they shadowed and be ready to swoop in to remove them before they do damage.

The cell phones

As hard as it is to believe, people will answer their cell phones during a wedding. There are even some who will check live stream games while the vows are being exchanged.

Have the people at the door who are handing out programs, make a simple statement, “Please silence all cell phones and enjoy the wedding.” Bridal wear, Bride dresses, bridesmaids dresses, custom clothing, special occasion dresses, wedding dresses

Ask for a meeting with the wedding planner

Ask your wedding planner to touch base with all the vendors to confirm that they are on schedule and have the right time, date, and location. Two weeks before the wedding, have a meeting with the planner to ensure all bases are covered. If anyone is giving you static, make sure there is a backup plan.

No Wedding Talk Date Night

For months every conversation seems to wrap around the wedding. This is normal, but it gets really old. Schedule a date night where the wedding-related conversation is off-limits. Go to dinner, take a dinner cruise, go to a casino for a night. Book a couples massage and relax in a hot tub. Go to a comedy club or go dancing. Do something to relax and just have some fun.

Early Wedding Day – Me Time

Everything is ready and the day is here. You will be nervous and stressed as the plans you have worked on for months all spring into action. Your wedding will come off as planned, or you will have to tweak a few things. Either way, it will be fine. Before the day begins, get up and go for a long walk or a run. Do a yoga routine, go for a swim or ride your bike. Let the exercise release your tension. By the time you shower and meet your bridal crew, you are ready to face the day.


Few things in our lives are perfect. In all things, there are minor issues that may not be exactly what you plan. You can let those minor things ruin your day or you can embrace them and look for the good in all things. You can enjoy your magical day or you can ruin it for everyone.

Look for the great things in life Enjoy your day. Those little details are the memories you will laugh about years from now.

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