Pristine Trace Minerals™ Product Review

Pristine Trace Minerals™ Product Review

I am very pleased to post this guest review from a woman living in New York who is a loyal fan of Pristine Trace Minerals™.

Enhance your family’s health with Pristine Trace Minerals™, a highly concentrated liquid dietary supplement rich with over 74 trace minerals plus 18 amino acids.

I am a 58-year-old woman with a full time professional career. At a particularly stressful time 6 months ago, I started taking 5-7 drops of Pristine Trace Minerals™ every morning in my grapefruit juice. I have always considered myself healthy, but at that time my hair was shedding at a shocking rate, my nails were ragged and my skin was dull. 

Within 4 weeks after starting Pristine Trace Minerals™, the first thing I noticed was that my nails were growing strong; it was a delight for me to have a nice manicure again. My blotchy complexion had cleared up also. 

And my hair … I could not believe that it was showing new growth and luster, from its dull lifeless recent appearance. Since my stress level was still high, I attribute these positive health changes to Pristine Trace Minerals™, as this was the only thing I had added to my daily regime. Perhaps I was particularly low in iron (post-menopause) but I also understand that the body will utilize any and all trace minerals it needs that are deficient. 

I highly recommend Pristine Trace Minerals™; they have given me back so much for so little cost. AY, PhD, New York, New York

Pristine Trace Minerals™ are 100% safe for people, plants and pets.
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Pristine Trace Minerals are manufactured by Biomassters, Inc. (Las Vegas, Nevada) since 1996.


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