The Ultimate Guide To Buying Shoes For Homecoming

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Shoes For Homecoming Image Source: Unsplash

Shoes can be a tricky decision for both women and men. When planning for a big event such as a prom or homecoming night, you want to get it right. As dancing and having fun is a big part of homecoming, you also want to choose heels or shoes that you feel comfortable in whilst ticking all the boxes in your checklist.

There’s also no one size fits all. It’s important to not feel pressured into wearing heels just because you feel it’s a feminine thing to do. This article will discuss some of the best shoe styles depending on what dress you buy whilst suggesting some quirkier options.

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Types of Shoes To Wear At A Homecoming Dance

If you are wearing a shorter length sheath dress – you will want a pair of strappy heels to bring out the most in your figure and complete the elegant look.

If you are wearing a lightweight dress that has flowy material – you can try a pair of embellished flats that have sparkle with rhinestones.

For empire gowns – you will want to purchase the highest pair of heels possible. If you aren’t used to wearing stilettos then don’t push it. Aim to make yourself look taller to pull of the ultimate empire look.

Using platform shoes to make yourself look tallerImage Source: Unsplash

Homecoming Shoe Ideas For Women

If you love an elegant look and want to rock up to homecoming with style, then a pair of elegant shoes is a must. They have the power to complete an outfit and bring out the best parts in your physique. The finishing touch to any outfit – your shoes, can really set your entire look off and present the look you want to the world with effortless confidence.

Think about buying a pair of elegant strapped high heel sandals to complement your homecoming gown. This style tends to complement most dresses that are set in the summer seasons. If you want ultimate versatility, then use black strapped heels instead. They will go with just about anything and add a touch of class and elegance to your overall look.

Alternative Shoe Styles

If you prefer the more alternative homecoming dresses, you will want to mix up the shoes to match it. Prefer a more rock and roll style? Heeled boots look on-trend and fashionable with most dresses in this style. Also, don’t be afraid to rock Converse shoes if you feel like being yourself and staying comfortable the whole night through.

The most important tip to take away is to own it and wear it with confidence. People will love your look no matter what.

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