How Do You Protect Your Family From Identity Theft or Fraud? 3 comments

How Do You Protect Your From Identity From Theft or Fraud?I received a sampling of products from Plus America, in exchange for my opinion on Do you ever worry about your identity being stolen or what to do to protect your family’s identity? Loosing your identity can be an overwhelming situation and when it happens you dont know how it happened. But there are some steps you can take to help protect your identity. One is, all the mail you receive from bills, from your bank institution, IRS forms, W-2 forms, credit card statements, doctors bills, utility bills, car insurance, car registrations, health insurance, life insurance, mail from social security, voting information and the list goes on, any mail that could lead back to your personal information with your address, birthday, credit card information, etc. Then there are all the prescription bottles that someone could tap a pharmacy to refill scrips or get personal information. An none of the aforementioned should just be thrown in the trash!

So what are you to do? All that mail…….you could shred it……..but wait I have another idea!

I recently saw a post in Instagram about protecting your identity with a stamp called Security Guard Your ID ( GYID ) from Plus America that covers all that the information that identifies you, your name, address etc. by using one of many of there stamps or rollers to cover you personal information. Protect Your ID with Security Guard Your ID ( GYID ) from Plus America

You just roll or stamp covering all the of your information that could lead someone trying to find your personal information that could lead to our identity.

Watch this short video to see what I am talking about:

Besides these great stamps that come in all sizes and shapes, rollers and stamps they also carry other products, from craft stamps, unique office supplies, stationary, correction tapes, glue tapes, folders, notebooks and a unique tool that does not use staples to clinch papers.

Hope you will take some time to browse their website.or visit on Instagram

For offering to write a review for Plus America they are offering my followers to use the code
GYID80 on their website Discount of  25% OFF Your Order!!  Plus America FREE SHIPPING!!

How Do You Protect Your From Identity From Theft or Fraud?


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