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Tallest Buildings In The World

Some Of The Tallest Buildings In The World


A high rise building may be defined as a huge building structure having the maximum measurement of height that people are willing to walk up, and thus it requires a mechanical system to climb up to the top levels or floors.

This may limit the usage of the building itself, basically being used as an office space, residential flats, hotels and rarely being used as retails and educational facilities. Keeping this scenario in mind, the high rise buildings are being manufactures keeping the purpose and usage in mind, while they are now being used for multipurpose facilitation. Like a few floors are designed keeping it to be used as an office space, or a restaurant or a hotel or residential flats.

The structural design of a high rise building is a very tricky one due to various challenges. A high rise building supports a huge amount of load but the systems being developed for the low rise is being used, but obviously enlarged in quantity and degree.

High rises are relatively the tallest buildings and their unit cost is also the highest according to the structure, design, architecture, maintenance, quality and quantity of material being used. Along with the outside structure and design the inside schemes and drafts need to be compatible with the outstanding outside structural fanciness. The fixing of structural damage inside the building is highly essential in order to maintain the beauty, aura and encompassment of that area. Preventive reinforcement and masonry repair is considered to be one of the highest priorities while building a high rise. Leaders in the field of structural repair, reinforcement and masonry repair innovators of new remedial processes, products and equipment Action wall ties are doing a remarkable job by serving in the market at the best of their capacity and capability.


A high rise structure may have different definitions according to Council on Tall Buildings and Cultural Habitat which declares the building as “The Tallest Building” and also set the standards by which the buildings are being measured to quality for the tile.

  • A high rise is the one which comprises of 4 or more floors, or is 15 meters or more in height.
  • Buildings between 75 feet and 491 feet high are considered as high rise
  • Building that measure more than 492 feet are termed as skyscrapers.


Constructing a high rise is the need of the hour, in present situations in the entire world where the population is increasing by the minute and other requirements are increasing accordingly. Following are a few notable, distinguished and prominent factors which make the desire of high rise building exceedingly and remarkably essential.

  1. Paucity of land
  2. Increasing demand of land due to residential and economical space
  3. Economic growth
  4. Technological progression
  5. Human aspiration to build higher
  6. Competition in the world of high rises
  7. Cultural implication and cachet


As of 2017 there are 51 building that are 350 meters or more and tend to qualify as tallest buildings as assessed by their highest architectural attributes and characteristics. Following are a few being listed as the tallest buildings of the world.

  1. Burj Khalifa
  2. Shanghai Tower
  3. Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower
  4. Ping An Finance Centre
  5. Lotte World Tower
  6. One World Trade Center
  7. Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre
  8. Taipei 101
  9. Shanghai World Financial Center
  10. International Commerce Centre

High rises and the sky scrapers are like stars on a city’s collar to have one. They are considered as the main and prominent feature in the city. These structures are advantageous for the country in order to generate revenue and money minting objects, considering their unit costs are high and they are being sold at higher prices too to international and local corporate organizations. These huge larger than life bodies tend to attract tourists from various parts of the world due to being ranked as the tallest building, people from across the world show up to visit the place with great valor and urge.



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