Tips For Planning A Summer Fair to Raise Money For Your Child’s School

If you are involved in the parent/teacher association for your child’s school, you may often find yourself involved in the planning of events intended to raise funds for the school. At this time of year, it is quite common for schools to have summer fairs where people can enjoy a day out in the good weather, while also doing things that help to bring in some money. Planning one of these events is usually done by parents and teachers, with a little help from the kids. If you want to take charge of the organization for your child’s school summer fair, then here are some tips to make it a big success. Tips-For-Planning-A-Summer-Fair-to-Raise-Money-For-Your-Childs-School

Promote on Social Media

To make your summer fair a big success, you need to be able to attract people from all over the community, rather than just students and their parents. You shouldn’t have to do too much marketing to get parents to come, as they should already be aware of the event, however, you can use social media to make other local people aware of the event, and hopefully, inspire them to come along and give it a try. Having access to post on the school’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts is one good way to do this, and it can also help it to reach out to blogs about the local area and ask them to share your information about your summer fair. If you want to go even further down the social media route, you can also do things like creating an Instagram account showing pictures from past school events and from the school, to help people understand why they should attend.

Involve Local Businesses

Competitions are a useful way to raise money. If you want to do something like a raffle, for example, you can print your own tickets using a free ticket maker, but you should also have some good prizes to give away. Donations from parents and teachers can go a long way to creating a good range of things people will want to win, however, you can do better by also talking to local businesses and seeing if they want to sponsor your event and perhaps give away some prizes of their own, so you have some more interesting and valuable products that people will want to buy tickets to win.

Have Fun Events for All Ages

Another thing to consider is that if you want people from all over the community to come to your summer fair, then you will want to have things for them to do that are not just targeted at the age group of your students and parents. Having things that will interest younger children and teenagers, or single adults who do not have children at the school, will make your event a lot more interesting to them, and so they will be more likely to think of it as a fun way to spend an afternoon. Whether or not you can have things like a bar at your event will depend a lot on local regulations, but you can certainly find other ways to create more adult-centric things at your fair so that people who don’t have children or whose children have grown up will still find the event fun and spend money.

With these ideas in mind, you should have no trouble planning an appealing summer fair that lots of people will want to come to and donate or spend their cash.

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