Reception Food: Trends & Predictions to Watch For in 2019

Reception Food_ Trends & Predictions to Watch For in 2019Having a party can be stressful on many levels. You have to arrange the guest list, your outfit, the drinks, the music and of course the menu. It can be difficult to please everybody, especially if you have a lot of different people as your guests. Some of them are gluten-intolerant, others might be vegan and the trickiest thing is trying to find a catering company that offers such a wide selection of meals that can please everybody’s tastes.

Here we have a list of trends that will be popular at this year’s parties:

1. Proteins


Proteins have been gaining traction in the last few years when popular low-carbs and Keto diets started becoming more mainstream. According to the dieticians, protein-based diets are beneficial because, after some time, the body will reach ketosis which can lead to a healthy weight loss. Cutting out the majority of carbs from your menu can help you with regaining energy, as carbs are usually also high in sugar. Offering meat-based snacks, eggs, fibre-rich vegetables, tofu can also be great for celebrations and parties. Popular snack options: keto garlic bread, egg muffins, salad sandwiches and low-carb dips.

2. Going vegan Going Vegan

Being vegan has become a lifestyle but for a lot of individuals, it’s also a way to show their disappointment with the modern-day food industry and to prove they care about those who suffer because of it. Despite some might say, going vegan doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a lot of replacements for meat, cheese and eggs. If you’re a vegan or have many vegan friends at your event, opting for a plant-based menu is definitely a good choice. You can serve spinach pinwheels, Vietnamese fries, broccoli balls, cashew mozzarella sticks, and many others. Just make sure they’re properly seasoned so your non-vegan guests will also be able to enjoy them.

3. Healthy SweetsHealthy Sweets

There’s no celebration without a cake. Still, if cutting a big cake feels like a lot of work, you can have smaller sweet bites that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Even better, instead of choosing cookies with a lot of processed sugar, serve something healthier, yet still tasty. Sweets like almond date truffles, chocolate-dipped strawberries, carrot cake bars or raw caramel apple nachos are rich in proteins, vitamins and magnesium, which means that your guests can munch on them without feeling guilty for eating too much.

4. Hiring an expert Hiring an expert

Preparing reception food can be a pain in the neck for some, especially if you’re not skilled in the kitchen. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, so hiring a food service to provide you with the best menu available is something you should definitely consider. In some places, it’s almost mandatory to hire a professional to take care of it since party hosts are often busy with other things. Having excellent catering in NYC is something a lot of people turn to, especially if that service has proved to be reliable. Remember that you’re having a party to entertain yourself and your guests or support a noble cause, not to stress yourself with planning menus and cooking.

5. Mexican themed Mexican themed Reception Foods

Having a Mexican themed menu is a sure way to feed your guests with something a little different than what they’re used to eating at the parties. Chicken, beef, Mexican rice, beans, fish tacos and tostadas will please even the pickiest of guests. You can even ask for a street taco stand to make your party more authentic. As for dessert, you can opt for Mexican fruit salad bowls, chilli choco chip cookies, dulce de leche pie or pumpkin churro waffles. There are too many choices, so before you make any decisions, check with your guests to see if there are any allergies. If you want to make your event complete, find a mariachi or even get a pinata so your guests will have more fun!

6. No alcohol No alcohol, there are many alternatives, tea, coffee, juice, and flavored waters

A party without alcohol? Yes, you’ve heard that right. This trend can be a good idea in case you’re not much of a drinker. As for guests who prefer drinking, you just need to offer a good selection of worthy replacements. Homemade sodas, different teas, flavored water, and coffee can be a good choice for a sober party. Opting for no alcohol can be a deal breaker for some, but if you give it a chance you might be pleasantly surprised. After all, conversations are much better when people are fully focused and present.

There are others expected to be big in 2019. If you’re not an innovator, you can stick to more classical reception foods. Still, giving a chance to something new can show you a fresh way to have a party, which can be fun both for you and your friends.

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