Remolding a Bathroom Consider a A Steam Shower

If you are looking at remodeling a bathroom or building a home here is an idea to consider, a regular shower or a steam shower?Remolding a Bathroom Consider a A Steam Shower

Let’s compare the two: You have options. You could have a regular shower or you could have a steam shower.

A regular shower is great but what if you could gain health benefits with a steam shower here are benefits:
Truth is a steam shower is a great way to wind down after exercise,
Helps the capillaries, which brings down your blood pressure and rids muscle waste.
Relieves congestion
Relieves Tension
Moisturize Skin
Improves blackhead removal
A steam shower has great health benefits

Depending on your skin type you can take steam showers several times a week and gain many benefits.

There is also the use of aromatherapy oils that can be used during a steam shower, it allows the user to directly infuse the steam with essential oils from inside the shower.

On another note you might ask, what about having a heated sauna in your home, let’s look at those benefits from Live Strong, “The difference between a sauna and a steam room can be summed up simply — dry vs. wet. Saunas provide dry heat, while steam rooms generate moist heat. Both can open up your pores, loosen up your muscles and help you relax”.

So there you have some comparisons for your consideration when remodeling or building a new home.

Home Series: Walk-In Showers and Stylish Showering Solutions for any Bathroom
Remodel a Bathroom With a Steam Shower
Home Series: Walk-In Showers and Stylish Showering Solutions for any Bathroom

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