The Safety Razor: What It Is and Why You Should Be Using One

 The Safety Razor: What It Is and Why You Should Be Using OneIf you’ve never considered switching from traditional cartridge razors to a safety razor, then now’s the time to take the leap. Read more to find out why!

The more the merrier, right? Well, not when it comes to razor blades.

The world used to function fine with single blade safety razors. That was until Gillette came along and decided to get rich by creating a five-blade shaving product. The problem with these razors is that consumers have to replace them, throw them away, and buy more. 

If you have never used a single blade safety razor before, it might sound a little intimidating. Lucky for you, safety razors thrive on its simplicity and user-friendly design.

If you are still using cartridge razors, keep reading to learn why you should make the switch to a safety razor.

  1. Single Blade

Are you tired of paying for fancy razor blade cartridges every month? It is easy to believe that when you shave with a five-blade razor as opposed to a single-blade razor that you are going to get a closer shave. However, that is not exactly how it works.

Plus, if you are shaving with a five-blade razor, you are paying for five different blades every time you need a cartridge replacement. With a safety razor, you are only paying for a single blade whenever you need a blade replacement. This beauty hack will obviously save you money, but it will also prevent razor wastes, which can benefit the environment.

With an estimated 2 billion disposable razors tossed out each year, it is the number one most wasted bathroom product. While some steel blades are recyclable, disposable razors are heading straight for landfills.

  1. Built to Last

Cartridge razors don’t have the longest life-span in the world. Safety razors, on the other hand, can last an entire lifetime. Yes, you read that right. Could you imagine never having to buy a single razor ever again? Buying razors can be the most unsatisfying purchases on the market.

Of course, you have to switch out the blades, but when you are only buying a single blade as opposed to a five-blade razor, your wallet will start to thank you.

  1. No Razor Burns

If someone can promise no razor burns, then that is a razor for us! What ruins a beautiful beach day faster than a pesky razor burn on your bikini line?

Safety razors blades are sharp. Very sharp. In fact, they are well-constructed steel, and that is why you only need a single blade. Instead of tugging and pulling on hairs like cartridge razors, a single blade slices right through hair immediately.

By eliminating the friction of a cartridge razor, you are preventing the possibility of ingrown hairs rising up and ruining your day.

Safety razors also allow you to adjust the blade angle to fit your exact shaving preference. That way, you can get a perfect, clean-cut shave every single time.

  1. No Subscriptions

You don’t have to worry about gimmicks or useless subscriptions with a safety razor. All they do is provide a quality razor with 10 cent blades. That’s it!

Safety razors rely on their idea that simpler the better. There are no vibrating handles, lube strips, rotating balls or any other fancy features to hype up their razor. It is a pure product that promises to execute its job well.

  1. Shave Like A Man

When you walk into the shaving aisle at the drugstore, all you see are frilly, pink razors that try to guilt you into buying them with pictures of sexy legs, sunsets, beaches, and unnecessary flowers.

Not to mention that these pink razors cost more just because they’re marketed to women. This is called the pink tax.

Women don’t need to spend more on razors because of the color of the razor handle. So, why not shave like a man and dodge that sexist tax? How might you do this? With steel, single blade razors.

Safety razors aren’t gender specific. Both women and men can buy a safety razor and benefit from the clean-cut, cheaper razor blades. Plus, if a man’s thick stubble is no match for a safety razor, then our feminine legs are in for a smooth treat.

  1. People Call Them Safety Razors For A Reason

Single blades can look rather intimidating if you have never shaved with one before. In fact, single blades have the potential to look like an old street weapon at first glance.

Despite the sharpness and intimidating design, they have the name safety razors for a reason. They were the go-to choice for people everywhere for such a long time before cartridge razors became popular, and no one complained.

Additionally, with Rockwell Razor’s patented adjustable technology, you have the ability to adjust the angle of the blade. With that comes an increased amount of freedom with both the comfort and closeness of your shave. Check out their website to learn more about their amazing razors.

The trick with safety razors is to eliminate any pressure that you would use with cartridge razors. Because the blades are so sharp on a safety razor, all you have to do is glide the razor along your skin. You also want to make sure that you are shaving a 30 to 40-degree angle to ensure that you don’t nick yourself.

With a little practice and confidence, you will forget that you ever shaved with anything other than a safety razor.

  1. Safety Razors Are Cleaner

Safety razors don’t accumulate bacteria and germs such as a cartridge razor does. A five-blade razor leaves five places for bacteria and germs to live. When you are exposing your skin to the possibility of a nick or cut with a razor blade, germs are the last thing you want to expose to your open wound.

By only having one blade, a safety razor eliminates any areas for bacteria to hang out. If women are so concerned with the cleanliness of their skincare routines, then their shaving habits should also gain the same sanitization attention. Learn more about how safety razors improve the cleanliness of your shaving routine.

Making The Switch To A Safety Razor

Go ahead and toss out that cartridge razor and buy yourself a sleek and durable safety razor. Not only are safety razors much cheaper, but they also are cleaner, provide a closer shave and they last an entire lifetime.

If you want to read more about ways to live a fashionable life, check out our beauty tips today!

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