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Back to School Guide The Essentials for High SchoolBack to School Guide

This is just the middle of August. However, according to stores, it is also ‘get your school supplies’ time. Yes, I know, it is that disgusting time of the year, another summer has come to an end, and once again, you are stuck in limbo between enjoying the final moments of summer holiday and avoiding looking at shelves with notebooks, pencils and pencil cases while doing your casual grocery shopping. However, sooner or later you will have to prepare yourself for it, and in this article, you will find all the information you need.

Knowledge boostingKnowledge boosting

The first thing that has to be prepared for school is your brain. Some students often have a hard time adjusting to high school, especially if it’s their first year. There is a bunch of new people, new subjects, and of course, your brain is still not used to the fact that summer is over, so you often lose focus. Also, there is this huge pressure because you are no longer a child and your future depends on this.

This is why things like high school tutoring exist. Well-trained educators are going to help you reach your maximum potential and build your confidence and responsibility.

Hair guide

During this time of the year, you need a hairstyle that can withstand the weather and also look great and school appropriate. Here are some of the super trendy ones definitely worth trying out.

Kendall-inspired top knot

Kendall-inspired top knot

You’ve probably seen Kendall Jenner’s simple but fabulous hairstyle on the Cannes red carpet. And of course, since she is a supermodel, you probably instantly thought that this hairstyle is extremely hard to achieve. The truth is, it’s very simple. Pull all of your hair into a high ponytail, fold it in half and put in loads of bobby pins to secure it to the back of your head. Finally, let the ends hang down a little bit and you’re good to go.

Sleek ponytail Sleek ponytail

Sleek hairdos are a major trend right now, but a sleek ponytail is the best for these warm days. First, your hair must be completely straight, so make sure you flat iron it. Next, add some polish with a glossy serum and pull it up into a high pony. Wrap some hair around the base of the ponytail to make it look even cooler and finally, soak a toothbrush with hairspray to slick all that baby hair back.

Outfit guide Outfit guide

Another school year equals another chance to shine. Your personal runway a.k.a the school hallway is waiting for you, and even though your main goal is learning new things and being a good student, you might as well look fabulous while doing so, right?


While you are in school, it is extremely important that you keep your inner Carrie Bradshaw locked away. Two pairs of shoes or 22 pairs of shoes, it doesn’t matter – they need to be versatile so you can combine them with more garments. Also, for God’s sake, don’t wear heels to school – you’ll have plenty of time to fight ankle pain later in life. Make sure your closet is armed with cool lace-up sandals, simple athletic sneakers, ankle boots and classic black or grey over-the-knee boots.

Bottoms Bottoms

Besides your basic skinny, boyfriend and ripped jeans, get yourself a pair of simple skinny black trousers, as well as nude and white ones. If you are feeling a little bit wild, frayed flare jeans are making a comeback this year as well as denim mini skirts.

Tops Tops

In this area, you have total freedom. Replenish your stock with all kinds of cool and different tops such as basic, printed, and logo tees, oversized hoodies, off-the-shoulders, flowy crepe tops, embroidered bombers, etc.


This year’s top accessories are double buckle belts, silky scarfs, metallic chokers, sassy pins for denim jackets, cartoon backpacks and velvet backpacks. Also, you might want to get yourself a cool earphone holder that will make your backpack look even cuter.

Locker guide Locker guide

The lockers need some love as well, right? There are plenty of ways to upgrade your locker, depending on your priorities. You can put a fun rug in it to keep it looking warm and pretty, you can add some cool curtains as well, and a makeup mirror if you love to doll yourself up between classes. Also, there are string lights, magnets, organizers, message boards, overhead lights, erase boards, disco balls, etc. so make sure you scroll through Pinterest to get some inspiration.

That would be it, I hope you’ll have a great school year.


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