Make Taking A Shower A Most Enjoyable Experience

Taking that morning shower or showering after a workout can be a very mundane activity, looked upon as a task that just needs to be done. Get in, get out, and get it out of the way. This activity, though, can be made much more pleasant if you’re stepping into your own custom steam shower. Make taking a shower a most enjoyable experience.Steam Showers Increase The Value Of Your Home

If you’re not too familiar with steam showers that you can personalize in a number of different areas, check out what some dynamic, leading manufacturers in the industry, like Thermasol, have to offer. People checking these showers out for the first time are surprised, and often amazed at how they can put their own shower together to get exactly what they’d most enjoy having in the shower area.

Thermasol, again, is a fine example of a company that really turns out superior products, giving the customer a world of options in which to select from. Their procedure is a step-by-step process to building your own custom shower, ultimately resulting in a fabulous system you can be happy to say you put together yourself. In this order, your selections on their particular site are as follows:


Control & Steamhead: the many options here include:

  • MicroTouch Control
  • Signature Control:
  • SignaTouch 5″ LCD Control
  • ThermaTouch 7″ LCD Control
  • ThermaTouch 10″ LCD Control
  • Total Wellness Package
  • Wellness Shower Package
  • Wellness Steam Package

Exterior Control: Modern (15 choices) or Traditional

Fog-Free Mirrors: choose from Avant, Cupola, Eclipse, or Rhombus

Shower Speakers

Shower Light: a wide variety of housing colors surrounding the round light

Shower Seats: Folding or Corner Install

Why steam showers?

There are many great reasons why homeowners opt for steam showers when newly building or doing a bathroom remodel. A couple of them relate directly to physical benefits. Steam helps you relax, improves circulation, and helps reduce muscle pain. Steam opens up the body’s pores and helps to release toxins through the sweating process. And steam has been known to help people get better quality sleep.

You can easily envision this. Instead of just getting up, stumbling into the boring old shower to get that part of the day done, you head to your new custom steam shower for that experience. Your digital shower’s design helps to create an environment of perfect water temperature (that you control), sound (through your waterproof speakers), steam and light. Who needs an expensive spa membership when you’ve got all this right in your own home? And this isn’t just some random special occasion. It can be every day, at any time, even more than once daily if you feel so inclined!

One other attractive feature to perhaps consider. Steam showers increase the home’s value by 31%. So that would be a wise investment, that would, in theory, pay for the new steam shower many times over.
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