Silk Orchids In My Home from Silk Plants Direct

The Beauty Of Silk Plants To Your Home

There are times during the year we need something new to add to our decor and I had the opportunity to work with Silk Plants Direct, a company that offers indoor and outdoor potted plants, topiary, hedges, flowers and trees that can be a beautiful addition to our homes and office.

Silk Plants Direct gave me the opportunity to choose and because I like many kill orchids, never can get them to rebloom and eventually they give up and die, so sad because I really love orchids. Which brings me to my choices, first;

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant – Green 

You can see more details here Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant – Green
It is an exotic silk orchid, planted in a heavy glass jar, with moss over the root. It is as you can see a green color, which I picked for my small bathroom and ideal on my counter, measures 13″ tall and the leaves are flexible so you can adjust them, very life like.

The second orchid I chose is a Dendrobium Orchid – Purple/Pink 

This silk orchid has great color and adds a pop of color to any room, ( I will move it around for a change). This orchid stands at 22″ x 16″ x 8″ and is a gorgeous purple pink color. And I won’t have to worry about watering or having another orchid die and be able to enjoy the beauty for a very long time. You can see more details here Dendrobium Orchid

These beautiful silk orchids came from Silk Plants Direct and they have a huge variety of potted plants, flowers and flowering trees, shrubs and other larger trees to choose from. Plants in your home can be so uplifting even a few plants when there is not much room you can use plants in macrame hangers, add several and hang them in a tiny corner.

The company has two divisions, home and commercial so if you own a business and need to add plants to offices you might want to take a look at their commercial division.

Thank you to Silk Plants Direct for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for this blog post.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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