How To Smoke Steak Using an Electric Smoker

How To Smoke Steak Using an Electric Smoker⇒Are you craving for the perfect meal? Well, grab a glass of your best Rosé and get ready to cook a mouth-watering smoked steak. This is an irresistible meal for a brunch, for a date or a laid-back family get together.

If you are used to grilling your steak, you are missing out on a lot. Smoking the steak gives you a unique flavor that is hard to resist. Smoking the steak may take a longer time than grilling, but the process is very simple and worth it. Want to take your smoking to the next level? Why not get creative with the added flavor of smoked wood.  You can easily achieve this by smoking your meat on an offset wood smoker


The nitty-gritty’s of smoking are very easy: cooking at a low flame and slow pace while allowing smoke to do the magic, to alter the meat and create a new and delectable flavor you’d forget the grill.


You need to remember the trick is buying the correct – juicy and succulent piece of steak. This is an important step to cooking an excellent smoked steak. So, look for the freshest piece of meat you can find at your local groceries. Seasonings are an important part of making the perfect steak, but remember seasonings add accent complex flavors to the steak. For boneless rib-eye is perfect for smoked steak.


Before you start cooking, you need to allow the steak to come down to room temperature, about an hour or so, this imperative to cook your steak properly. You can marinade your meat, or choose to sprinkle salt and pepper on it, as per your palate preference. If you marinade the meat well, makes it acidic- making it tender.


Using the electric smoker is not that difficult, keep in mind that your meat is not cooked by flame. So, put the charcoal into the electric smoker, light it and give it some time until it gets covered with grey ash. Once you are done with that step, separate it into two piles. Put your steaks directly on the grate above your smoke source. Since you are using an electric smoker, you don’t have to worry about adding charcoal or keeping tabs on it. It is a hassle-free process. The electric smoker will give your steak authentic smoky flavor. If you wish to add flavors, add apple, pecan or maple, this will make it more flavourful.


You don’t have constantly keep checking the temperature of the steak since you are using the electric smoker. Now although they make the job easier, make sure you have carefully gone through electric smoker reviews before buying one. You have to smoke your steaks till they get to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, which normally takes between around forty-five minutes. Smoking with an electric smoker significantly reduces the cooking duration. If you are not someone who smokes their steak regularly, you need to know that the steak is likely bound to have a different color hue. If you are someone who prefers the grill marks and the perfect color hue on their steak, you can use the grill to sear it on either side for one minute or two.

You can add vegetables to the electric smoker, to have a perfect side along with the delicious steak. This method of cooking brings out vivid tastes this way; you can have an appetizing entrée with that juicy steak.


While smoking the steak, ensure it is smoked appropriately. In many cases, smoking steak takes around 45 minutes, but remember the thinner the steak, the quicker it will reach a higher internal temperature.

Adding more items to the electric smoker may increase the cooking duration. Although the whole is relatively longer than grilling, it is not required for you to monitor your meat from time to time while it is cooking. Now that you have had a glimpse of how to smoke a steak, you can try to smoke your meat to perfection.

Voila! This is a hassle-free method to have yourself a delicious piece of meat that you can enjoy with your friends and family. So, get to cooking!

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