Something Old Is Something New

Something Old is Something New
Welcome to all bloggers that want to boost your blogs by getting out old posts/stories shared again. Last week was great, lots of interest and great comments, here are a few.

Candy Said, “This is a wonderful idea and I appreciate you putting this link party together.”

Kippi Said: “Thank you so much for hosting this party. Great idea to refresh older posts. Happy Weekend, Kippi

Baby Chaser Said: “I love this idea and am happy to participate! 🙂 I think before long, so many people will be coming by that it won’t take long to fill the 50 spots”

Remember I mentioned in the Intro to this event how sharing old posts can be a boost to your blogs SEO and helps your ROI, By resharing old blog posts, a seasoned blog post can generate organic traffic. And chances are if a new blogger happens to stumble on your blog they haven’t seen the other 99% of your content. According to Neil Patel, it makes sense to make the most out of a seasoned post. But don’t take my word for it, read here Bring Old Blog Posts Back to Life: 5 Strategies that Work So with that let’s get busy and share those “OLD” posts. This week I have pust them in order of the oldest starting back in 2010.

Bloggers are some of the most creative, imaginative and talented women and sometimes men. Whether you bake, sew, create crafts, recycle, upcycle or make home improvements, renovations, write about blogging, saving money, health, dieting,  how you built a business, or sharing an idea from an old post, this is going to be a great way to share those buried stories, archived stories!!

I love helping bloggers and promoting them, that’s why I came up with this event. I hope you will support the event each week, signup for early notifications and other upcoming announcements!

Are you all used to the new time change, I feel like my day goes by to fast, I really have to watch the clock, it’s dinner time before I know it. How about you?

Time to get ready! For Something Old is Something NewNow I’m here to help you reinvigorate your blogs and help your SEO.

But if you missed my first post about this event, I have made updates tips and hints on what we are about to accomplish here, if you did not read the Announcement there are lots of tips to get started.

If you have other ‘NEWER” posts you would like to share, be sure to stop by Friday Features 3/14 and Linkup there.
I hope that you will enjoy this new event,  as this week I am featuring a few blogs that followed the rules.

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Something Old is Something New
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But if you have suggestions I would love to have that conversation, use the email below to send them to me, or if you have questions about anything blogging, I would love to chat.

Nellie's Cozy Place First Spring Tablescape for Hubbies 2010 Nellie’s Cozy Place // First spring tablescape for hubbies birthday celebration Posted 3/2010
A Day of Small Things // What makes me Smile Posted 2/2016
Comfort Spring Spring Centerpiece in Pink 2017Comfort Station // Spring Centerpiece in Pink Posted 3/2017
Curly Crafty Mom New Decor Bathroom Refresh 2017Curly Crafty Mom // New Decor Bathroom Refresh Posted 6/2017
Mamas Brush Let’s Meet Over Coffee ~God 2018Mama’s Brush // Let’s Meet Over Coffee ~God Posted 1/2018
A Crafy Homemaker Crochet Watermelon Tissue Box CoverA Crafty Homemaker // Crochet Watermelon Tissue Box Cover Posted 2/2018

*I have some fun items on Amason that as a blogger I can use and I thought of you. These are affiliate links so if you click and buy I will be ever so grateful.

10 Replies to “Something Old Is Something New”

  1. Ah, thanks for featuring me. That was super unexpected! I linked up a couple more art pieces from last January. Sorry they aren’t older, but that’s when I started up the blog. 🙂 No idea what happened when I linked up the first one. I didn’t see all that in the text box. Sorry. 🙁

    Have a great weekend!


    1. You are so welcome for the feature, surprise!!! It’s always good to get these older posts out, even if its the oldest on your blog, it wakes Google up!!
      Plus as I visited your blog I shared on Twitter and Pinned on our #SOISN board.
      Thanks for joining us this week. Catch one of my other parties too, #omhgff or #omhgww on Wednesdays!
      Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Kristie, it has really made me dig for some old, old posts, rewrite portions as the “they sayers” say that’s what you should do to wake up Google search and to put in advertising I didn’t have at the time it was originally posted.

  2. Thanks for featuring my spring centerpiece. I’m happy you liked it and I appreciate your making a new party for old posts. Things really can get better with age!

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