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Home Series Oh My Heartsie GirlIts time for spring/summer cleaning and I like many dont really care to clean but it is a necessary thing we must do. However, there are some fun ways to do this and I have gone in search for blogs that have this perfected that I want to share. I will cover some basics and then there are also some fun printables for you as well.

Free E-Book The other part of setting up spring cleaning is to get organized and sometimes someone else’s points of view helps put this chore into new perspective, so to help with that I found Home Storage Solutions to help with this, she offers a Free Printable PDF file you can use, Ebook House Cleaning Lists all she asks is you Like her page then you gain access to her book

 Katherine’s Cleaning
Spring Cleaning Goes Green: The first that I found was Spring Cleaning over at Katherine’s Corner where she shares Spring Cleaning Goes Green she has many great ideas on the use of home products you probably already have in your pantry!!Basic-Cleaning-Tools-from-HousewifeHowTos

10 Basic Cleaning Tools Everyone Should Own  Over at Housewife How To’s I found her ideas on 10 basic tools for using during your spring cleaning, but could be used all the time as well.

Clean Mama has some great tips on de-cluttering the entire house.
Decluttering our home office: We all have an area or a designated room for an office and over at Clean Moma she is offering tips for just such the case, products you can use to help control the clutter and get better organized.

Kids Cleaning & Chores
Kids Helping To Clean: We would all like our kids to jump in and be excited about leaning too, but it does not happen just because we want it too, but I found over at Organized Home, she shares some ideas that might help, along with speed cleaning tips too.

There are so many wonderful blogs out there with more great information. What are your thoughts on house cleaning, do you have ideas to share? Let us know if you would be interested in sharing your tips, you could be featured!!

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