Should I Be Taking a Supplement?

With so many supplements out there and just as much misinformation, it can be hard to know if you’ll actually benefit from a supplement or not. If you’re feeling full of energy with all aspects of your body functioning optimally, there is a chance you’re deficient in at least one key vitamin or mineral.

You can never out supplement a bad diet, which is why before you take a supplement you should address the food you eat. If you think you’re not functioning optimally, clean up your diet first. If you believe your diet is on point and you’re still not feeling right, look to get blood tests done or seek the professional advice of an expert who can interpret your symptoms in order to find where your deficiencies are. With real data to go off, you can then address your issues directly in a sensible, more cost effective way. If you could eat a variety of fruits and vegetables you wouldnt need supplements

Supplements can come with side effects so should only be used to help optimise levels in your body without pushing unnatural limits by over supplementation. More is not necessarily better, and usually, your body will tell you this. One downside of supplements is all the other ingredients you get with them. Most supplements are not 100% one ingredient and often contain harmful ingredients to help stick a tablet together, encapsulate a capsule or flavour a powder. Make sure you always check the ingredients and find out exactly what you’re getting.

There are a few supplements that the majority of the western population can benefit from due to the typical stressful lifestyle and lack of quality food. Essentially mineral deficiencies are a large problem as our body uses them for nearly every function it performs. Minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, iron, chromium and potassium are used up by our body every day and require constant replenishing.

While you can get all these minerals from the food you eat, some people might struggle to get adequate amounts due to the limited variety of food they eat, the food quality, and the rate at which their unhealthy lifestyle is burning through minerals. Our body uses minerals as an alkaline buffer to help protect our body from acidity which it has to keep on doing when we eat a typical western acidic diet.

Most people could use a magnesium supplement in particular or a general multi-mineral supplement, while some people might be fine just fixing up their diet and adding in more variety of quality good. Magnesium is regarded as one of the most important nutrients that most of us are deficient in. With over 300 bodily processes relying on magnesium it is easy to understand why a deficiency could be a problem.

If you do decide to supplement, make sure you look for quality forms of the ingredients you’re getting like those in Seriphos by InterPlexus.

Try and work out to the best of your ability where your issue is and do your research. Remember, everything depends on the food we eat, the lifestyle we live and just because it’s a supplement, does not mean its good for you.

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