How Water Features Like A Pool Pop-Up Fountain Bring Positive Feng Shui

How-Water-Features-Like-A-Pool-Pop-Up-Fountain-Bring-Positive-Feng-ShuiMany people incorporate a variety of different water features in their yards for a feng shui design. Some of the more popular choices include pools, koi ponds, waterfalls, and container fountains. In adding these enhancements to their home’s exterior, the intention is to bring a positive element of feng shui. 

In some instances, the claims read that a water element has the potential to provide benefits for some in certain aspects of life. That isn’t to say everyone should run out and hire a contractor to install a pool. It’s merely a ‘belief.’

Regardless of which option you choose, listening to the sounds of the water, particularly a fountain striking up out of the middle of a swimming pool on a beautiful summer evening is calming and relaxing bringing a component of peace to what may be an otherwise hectic day.

Tips When Apply Feng Shui For Your Backyard Water Features

Regardless of the school that you follow for placement of your components, there are principles that apply for the methodology as a whole.

  • Cleanliness is a priority in the principles. For all decorative pool features and fountains, cleanliness and order without clutter must be maintained. That means investing in a skimmer so debris can be swept out as it appears. You should also be paying attention when the water becomes at all cloudy or discolored. This can produce negative energy, which you are trying to avoid.

For those with a koi pond, it is particularly important to monitor the water including the pH for the health of the fish. Be especially mindful of accumulations of algae.

  • Direction of flow towards your home:  The claim is that a common error is to install these elements where the flow is directed away from the house. You always want the direction of the flow to go towards the home. It is said that the level of ‘chi energy’ flowing towards your house will be determined by the force and direction of the water flow.

If it’s going in the wrong direction, the ‘belief’ is that it will draw the new energy away from the home.

Using Water Fountains as A Popular Feature Choice

If you decide to add a water feature to enhance your feng shui, you should place the element after careful consideration and understanding of the principles. With deliberate intention, the component such as a well-placed pool with a lovely spray of water shooting up in the center has the potential to aid in generating auspicious energy.

You will need to ensure when having the pool installed that the experts understand your stipulations taking care to follow the principles as they’re laid out. Most professionals responsible for special features like fountains, which you can see here, understand each client’s needs are unique and there are products to suit each individual need.

These components are often used in the practice of feng shui to encourage advantageous energies into spaces, rooms, or homes. When placing them in a space such as the swimming pool, it’s important to consider the sectors, either north, southeast, or east, for the most auspicious energy with water flowing towards the home so you receive the intended energy as opposed to it going away from  you.

The style doesn’t matter like the placement. You should go for a style that reflects your personality and goes with the pool’s aesthetic. If there are lights in the system, you can either go bold and brilliant or stick with an easy white palette for calm, serenity. These elements are simply a matter of personal choice. Pools

Final Word

Choosing a fountain as your chosen element is common for these practices, but it’s also simply a lovely addition to a pool for any reason. These can be seen for poolside weddings, birthday parties, any kind of celebration. It’s just an added component of beauty. Follow this link to learn how to find choices on a budget.

You should try to place it carefully if you do want to follow the schools. It will help if you remember to engage in proper maintenance and upkeep to keep the system in optimum operational order so you can always enjoy the element of moving water in your life.
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