Ten Things Every a Teen Needs to Know About Life

Adolescence is a bridge between childhood and adulthood. While as a teen you are always in a hurry to grow up and leave your parents’ house, there some life hacks that you need before you can start becoming an adult.

Life is about the choices that we make. The right decisions when formed as a teen can have a long-lasting impact when you become an adult. Navigating through life as a teenager can be challenging and difficult,but with the right tools, you should be able to make the right decisions. Ten Things Every a Teen Needs to Know About Life

  1. It is okay to walk alone

The pressure to fit in is very real during the teen phase of life. To fit in, you will need to do stuff the other kids are doing. These can include drinking, smoking, having sex, violence, or watching porn. It is understandable to want to be loved and fit in but engaging in some of these habits can destroy your future. Engaging in meth abuse, for example, can cause you to have serious psychiatric problems and can lead you to early death. It is better you walk alone than be in the wrong company.

  1. Your parents could be right

Teenagers will at some point clash with their parents. It is like they do not understand what you are going through. But, the truth is that they were in the same place you were in at some point in their lives. During this period they made both good and bad decisions; the reason they give you instructions every day is that they do not want you to make the same mistakes they made. When you are young, there are many things that you cannot see the whole picture. This can include the consequences of teenage pregnancy. Parents love you and want the best for you.

  1. Internship will save you in your future job

Instead of clubbing and binge-watching on Netflix during the summer holidays, you can choose to find some internship in a company of your choice.  The skills that you learn during this period will come in handy when you finish college and start job hunting. It is evident that employers will often select someone with experience and is acquainted with their culture as opposed to someone who is “green.” You also get to earn income, which you can learn how to manage.

  1. Being in a healthy relationship

Toxic relationships cost you a lot. It is critical that you learn how to engage in healthy relationships. If you are in a relationship where your partner is controlling, overly possessive, abusive, hurtful or aggressive to get you to sleep with them, it could be the right time to break up. It is important that you know who you are as a teen and learns how to assert yourself in a relationship. Assertiveness includes the ability to express your opinions without fear of been judged. When you are assertive, you know when to say No to something that will ruin your life.

  1. Not everything revolves around you

As a teen, you may get this idea that you are the center of the universe and everything and everybody should revolve around you. This makes some teens to be attention seekers. As a teen, you need to be mindful of the needs of other people. The teen mindset operates from the point of instant gratification. You want something now,and it cannot wait until another time. Parents are often confounded when they are asked to buy the latest games or phones without any due consideration to other pending bills.

  1. Take care of your body

We live in a world that glorifies sex. We are confounded with sexual images in our living rooms – through the TV – magazines, games among others. The pressure to engage in premarital sex is very real for a teenager. It is equally important for parents to teach their teens about the consequences of risky sexual behavior. If you plan to engage in sex, then protect yourself from STDs, and early childhood pregnancy by using a condom. Abstinence, while not primarily promoted in our cultures, is an excellent way to have values and stick to them. You can also ask your parents to connect you with a doctor who should answer any questions that you have concerning your body.

  1. Learn how to save

It is essential that teens learn how to save from an early age. Saving is one way in which to grow wealthy and stay away from debt. Due to the principle of compounding money increases over time. If you start saving early, you will see your savings grow,and this can save you one day when you are in need. You can ask your parents to give you tasks like washing the car or mowing the lawn in exchange for an income. Get a cookie jar and start saving.

  1. Learn how to cook

You are not going to eat mama’s food forever. It is essential that you learn some form of independence during adolescence and cooking is one useful skill that will come in handy during adulthood. This extends to washing your own clothes.

  1. Body changes are normal

It can be scary when their changes going on in your body. Hair starts appearing in private areas, you suddenly have pimples, and for girls, you start menstruating. Learn that these are vital for the next step of adulthood. You are no longer a child,and your body is responding to the hormonal changes going in your body. Do not be ashamed of this. Talk to an adult you trust for advice.

  1. It Ok to say NO

If you feel pressured to do something that you do not feel comfortable doing, learn that it is perfectly normal to say NO. No is a full sentence. Don’t let anyone pressure you to do something that you will later regret.


While teen years are marked by rebellion, confusion and at times promiscuity, it is a great time to learn more about yourself. You can take responsibility of your life and make the right decisions.

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5 Ways to Adult More Successfully

Adulting is hard. If you know you’re not ready to get old and boring, but you have all the responsibilities of an adult, you can feel in limbo. Just who are you supposed to be? If you have a hard time adulting, and a hard time figuring out just who to be, take advantage of these five tips. With any luck, you’ll be adulting successfully soon–by taking it one day at a time. 5 Ways to Adult More Successfully

Stay Intentional With Friends

Once high school and college are over, we no longer have social structures providing us with community. It can be an uphill battle to create that community on your own, but remember–your friends want and need it, too. Keep and make a good circle of friends, and hang out together regularly. Play board games, have parties, and go hiking. Whether you’re sipping drinks from your alcohol and craft beer distributor or playing video games, remember to keep friend time a top priority.

Take Care of Your Appearance

Every day, find ways to take care of your body and appearance. No one’s telling you to floss anymore, except your dentist. Your self-care is up to you. If your parents dropped the ball, or couldn’t afford to get you braces as a kid, do it for yourself. orthopedic Care will help remind you that you’re the one calling the shots now, and you take good care of the body you’ve got.

Budget Like a Boss

One of the best things you can do for yourself is be responsible with your money. Still a little leery of the financial world? It’s a lot less scary when you’re tracking your money. At first glance, budgeting might seem restricting, but knowing, at the end of the month, that you’ve got spending money? It’s a great feeling. Budgeting will keep you prepared for car breakdowns, medical bills, fridge repairs, and other stresses that would otherwise have you reeling.

Decide What You Believe

One of the weirdest things about being an adult is forming your own opinions. Teachers and parents aren’t telling you how to view the world anymore. The world is your oyster–and so are your opinions about it. You can decide on religion, politics, and a hundred other things. That much research and thought can be totally overwhelming, so take one idea a day and start to investigate the world around you.

Stay You

Remember that being an adult doesn’t have to change you. If you’re living responsibility, you are an adult. You don’t have to be “boring” or lose your interests. You can fill your house with comics, make fairy gardens, and do whatever it is you love, all while successfully navigating the “grown up” world. As an adult, you get to look like You–not your parents, managers, or anyone else. Don’t let your age pressure you into being a person that you’re not. Grow as a person, and become more responsible each day, but never give up on your true personality.

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